Curing Sickness of Trees with Local Tree Services – An Overview


Whenever the words TREE SERVICES come up, people think that they are service providers who cut down trees that have died, dried up, withered away or simply have no use anymore. And to some extent it is true. Local tree services in Perth help homeowners save a lot of money on home renovation or maintenance, and even hospital bills, by removing trees that might pose any danger to the home or the people living in it. Many people believe that hiring the services of these service providers might end up costing a lot of money, but if you calculate the total amount you might have to spend on home repairs over the next couple of years, removing the tree might not seem like such a costly option. In fact, in many ways, it is an economical choice.

Local Tree Services Perth
                                                                            Local Tree Services Perth

But are tree services only responsible for cutting down dead and decaying trees? Is it the only purpose they serve? The answer is NO. Almost each and every tree service provider has a tree surgeon in Perth on its payroll, who helps in the planting, maintenance and treatment of trees of all types and sizes. The tree surgeon is responsible for providing efficient and effective treatment to a tree that is plagued by fungus, infections, bugs, ants and termites. These specialists are also called TREE WHISPERERS, because they understand what is wrong with a tree, and try to come up with the best possible solution to fix the problem.

Many homeowners are of the opinion that an arborist in Perth should simply cut down an infested tree rather than working hard and trying to fix it. They believe that this will reduce the workload as well as the expense they will have to incur for tree treatment. But they could not further from the truth, as this cannot always be as simple as buying candy from a store. A tree surgeon has to consider quite a few factors before he or she can decide whether to cut a tree down or treat the symptoms of infestation.

Professional tree solutions require a lot of hard work and contemplation, and simply cannot be simplified in any way whatsoever. Let us now take a look at the two most important factors that a tree surgeon from a local tree service has to keep in mind:

  • The tree surgeon will first try to ascertain the level of risk or danger associated with the tree. He or she will try to determine whether the tree will crash down onto the house or the lawn even in a light gust of breeze, or whether it will drop branches on the ground and injure someone passing under it. If the answer is yes, then the tree surgeon will take the decision of cutting down the tree.
  • If the answer to the questions mentioned above is no, then he or she will take a different path altogether. The infection or infestation is only in its early stages and can be treated with proper chemicals sprays. So the arborist will do the needful and try to save the tree as best as he or she can.

So in short, the primary services that any local tree service provider offers is either the complete removal of a tree or proper medical solutions to help it regain its old state.



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