Debunking 3 Common Myths About Wood-Look Tiles You Must Know


Since time immemorial, wooden tiles have been a preferred choice of most homeowners due to the warmth and charm it brings to space. Nowadays, the market is flooded with wood-look tiles that resemble real wood and have become an eccentric part of any home decor. Besides style and elegance, wood-look tiles invigorate natural aesthetics which is probably difficult to replicate by any other tiles.

If you are planning to warm up your space this summer with wood-look tiles but refrain from doing so due to the prevailing myths, this blog is for you.

Myth 1: Wood-Look Tiles Are Not Durable

One of the major reasons why homeowners refrain from choosing wood-look tiles is that they lack durability like real wood tiles. Instead, the main benefit of choosing wood-look tiles is that they are much more durable and don’t require routine upkeep. Moreover, the key attribute of wood-look tiles in Perth is that they keep pests and termites away. You can install them anywhere in your home such as hall room, bathroom or living areas to ace up your interior decor.

Myth 2: Wood-look Tiles Lack Cooling Effect

One common point of debate between real wood and wood-look tiles is the cooling effect. This largely depends upon the local climate of your area and the way you use your home. While it’s a proven fact that natural wood is more capable of sustaining moderate temperature and gives a cozy feeling, the same thing can be achieved with wood-look tiles. Wood-look tiles are suitable for radiant underfloor warming and give you ultimate comfort.

Myth 3: Lacks Originality Unlike Real Wood

When it comes to bathroom renovations in Perth, most homeowners think wood-look tiles lack the feel and comfort like real wood, but in reality, it’s not true. As the name suggests, wood-look tiles resemble mostly like real wood and bring the same charm and warmth to your space. But if you lack time to perform regular upkeep or running short of budget for installing wooden tiles, you can install tiles that come with rectified edges, but the finish should be mechanical.

Now that you came to know the myths, you must be interested in giving it a try maybe while renovating your toilets in Perth! Well, if you are concerned about the price, you can be rest assured that wood-look tiles will never overburden your pocket. So why delay? Give a stunning makeover to your home this summer with wood-look tiles and enjoy the bliss!!



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