Debunking 4 Common Digital Marketing Myths- Your Knowledge Base!



When you think about digital marketing, initially it may seem easy enough. Get a website, make it look nice, implement some endorsement tactics, and you are good to go. But, that’s not it. You need to take several strands to ensure each and every aspect of your digital marketing is given equal attention for maximum engagement and lead generation. Unfortunately, for those who are still not fully clear about the strands and importance of digital marketing, the numerous surrounding myths make it even more confusing for them. This post will put down some of those common myths in details for a more lucid understanding.

Myth#1:-“It Is Only Good For Small-Scale Businesses.”

In sharp contrary, to this misbelief, digital marketing also works wonderfully for large-scale businesses having a large operational budget. They are presented in a variety of marketing tools, all of which can be readily used to carry out big-business core activities.

  • It gets easier to engage with customers without even needing a call centre.
  • Gives scope to sell products and services to their clients directly on a globe.
  • Getting insights and key analytical data of all targetted customer’s purchasing requirements- without even making a large scale market research.

Myth#2:- “They Are The White-Elephant Part Of Business Strategies.”

Many treat digital marketing as a ‘White Elephant’ or ‘Good To Have’ part of their business strategies- which is very wrong. Contrary to this, digital marketing stands as an essential part of every business’s marketing strategy. Simply put- it is the door that leads the company towards expanding and reaching out to more number of customers online.

Quality digital marketing experts believe that the more customers go online looking for their services/products or even engage in social media activities, the presence of a company can make the difference between failure and success.

Myth#3:– “Content Is Not That Really Important.”

To make the most of a digital marketing campaign, it is important to have quality content that helps engage the customers properly, even convincing them to make a sale.

Liam Laughin:- from an online marketing agency in Perth says:-

“With the presence of quality content- posted every day helps increase the site’s ranking and also lead generation. It also sends a positive response to the clients that the site makes it a point to update posts regularly to better its customer experience. Appropriate content is key to building trust and confidence in the readers. Plus it also one good way to reach a vast number of potential clients not just locally but across borders too!”

Myth#4:- “One Social Media Platform Is Adequate.”

Social media forums are huge rave now. Not just for personal life, but lots of businesses are using these platforms in hopes of reaching more customers. Another common myth that circulates around is that for your company’s promotion, only one social media platform is enough. But that’s not true. Be it Facebook, Instagram or even Twitter, each platform presents access to a wider audience base. So, as opposed to the common myth, not using all these platforms for business promotion means missing out on those potential customers. And when that happens, the brand gets serious hurt- eventually becoming non-existential!

Now, that these common myths are clear, consult with a quality digital marketing agency in Perth when strategising for your site endorsement. They are your best chance to fully executing your planned marketing strategy and reaching your set goals.



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