Decorating your Wedding Car with Ribbons – A Discussion


The role of a beautifully decorated wedding car is unmatched for the event. One of the most vital aspects couples consider before saying “I do” in front of everyone in the church is to find out whether everything has been planned accordingly. While planning the entire event, the vehicle which will be held accountable for transporting the lovely duo, to and from the church, needs special preparations. After all, as the D day will arrive, the couple will be too busy to arrange for the decorations themselves unless there is a need for them to save some bucks on decoration costs.

So, you have thought of decorating the car for your wedding?

Other than getting flowers and decorations, purchase something simple. Decorate the vehicle by opting out of going overboard with decorations. Instead choose a stylising thing that will elegantly go along with the vehicle especially as it is going to be your wedding. Yes! You can pick ribbons instead of other petty things. Ribbons are a classic decorative choice as they enhance the beauty of a vehicle. No over styling needed!

Although you may ask professionals to decorate the Wedding Car Sydney; the task is however mostly accomplished by family members, friends or even by the couple in concern.

Attaching ribbons on a wedding car

The most important job here is to attach the ribbons. Although initially it appears that attaching ribbons is simple; yet the work demands precision for proper execution. Also, a crucial part is to ensure that the ribbons are easily removable so that they can be taken off without hassle. Here are steps to deck up the wedding car with beautiful ribbons:

  • Stretch the ribbons by laying them on a horizontal plane. Flatten the entire ribbon. Allow it to stay like this for quite a stretch.
  • Decide on the styles you come across in order to decorate the Wedding Car Hire Sydney. Look up the web for exciting styles. Meanwhile work on designs which will ensure easy removal of ribbons.
  • Tie ribbons tight enough so that they don’t come off or loosen easily. Decorate the vehicle but don’t go near the license plate. Keep it uncovered.
  • If you don’t want to get into the hassle, straight away get a ribbon kit which will come packaged with all the details you need to decorate the vehicle.

Consider the colour and size of the ribbon as you buy them since these ribbons have to blend well with the design of your car and the style you have chosen.



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