Did You Get MUD On Your Carpet…? Here’s How to Get Them Out


RAIN RAIN… JUST GO AWAY. And, come again another day…! Although with the season about to get wet, it can occasionally mean a cosy blanket, hot coffee and a good book, more often than not, it means an abundance of MUD (be it shoes, feet, paws, even your carpets).

Your carpet is the first thing which catches your visitor’s eye. And if you have stained it, then, of course, you won’t want to display it in front of your guests.

Now, it can be difficult to keep the mud off your precious home carpets. But, luckily these tips will help you keep it out of your carpet surface.

Tips On Keeping Mud Out Of Your Precious Carpets:-

Step 1:- Let It Dry-

By instincts; you will want to clean it, as soon as you notice the muddy stain. But don’t.  Wait for it to dry. Scrubbing wet mud will make it spread and make things worse for your carpet.  As mud is not like every stain, refrain from cleaning it. JUST Let it dry.

Step 2: – Scrap it out-

Once you see the muddy stains complete dry; scrape out the dried stain gently. Look to remove as much as possible.

Step 3:- Perform a gentle vacuum-

Look to vacuum the stained surface. However, do it gently and try to remove all of the leftover soil particles.

Step 4:- Use a Natural Stain Remover to Wash-

The ideal option would be to go for a 2-in-1 cleaning formula to get rid of stubborn stains and separate all embedded mud.

Stains Too Stubborn? Try Professional Dry Cleaning

If you find that your carpet mud stains still persist, then you may need the assistance of a quality carpet cleaning company Indooroopilly. This dry cleaning process uses solvents and will cripple down the most severe of mud stains without damaging your carpets,

The process also uses 90% less water, leaves no residue behind and poses no threats of discolouration or carpet shrinkage.      As a word of advice, what you can do is schedule weekly cleaning from a reputed domestic cleaning company in Indooroopilly. Their packages are anyway cost-effective, and their experts can be flexible in delivering their services.

Try out these hacks and see how it works out for you. They have been known to be pretty good themselves. Yet some stains are tougher to remove and may need professional cleaning. If so, speak to your nearby trusted cleaning agency and request for a service quote.



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