DIY Hacks to Avoid Washing Machine Repair- A Knowledge Base!

  • Do you notice your washing machine drum, not spinning/rolling?
  • Or a foul odour exuding out from it?

If so, then there is nothing to go bonkers, yet! Appliances tend to breakdown with time and use. And although it makes you frustrated, there are some smart hacks which you can use prevent damage.

This post illuminates you on those DIY hacks suggested by washing machine repair specialists serving in Liverpool.

So follow closely!

Regularly Inspect & Clean The Drain Pump Filters.

Ever thought about those items which you forget to take out from your shirt or trouser pocket?

A hint- all accumulates into the drain pump filter- which overtime; can get very dirty and cause longer than normal cleaning cycle. In other words, it deteriorates the efficiency of your unit and makes it prone to malfunctioning anytime.

The wise choice would be to frequently inspect the drain pump filter and clean all accumulated dirt and filth. It will help keep your unit safe and allow it to operate optimally.

Check for Signs of Mould or Its Distinctive Odour.

If you get a musty smell from your unit, then it could indicate a build-up of mildew or mould. To combat this; look to wash it with limescale and a detergent remover! Another thing you can do is leave the door open when the machine is not in use.

It will allow the bad odour to exit your washing unit and even prevent further signs of mould built-up.

Look To Replace The Rear Water Supply Hose In 5-Year Intervals.

The unit’s rubber hose get worn out with years of use, and that can possibly spring a leak- thus resulting in severe water damage. Fortunately for you; replacing them is fairly easy. All you have to do is unplug the machine, switch off the water supply valves, disconnect the worn out hoses and replace it with the new one.

Ensure The Machine Legs Are Positioned Correctly.

Position your washing machine legs at uniform levels and then tighten the lock nut of the unit’s body to prevent any rotation.

In words of washing machine repair experts in West Hoxton– ‘Preventing your unit from rotating excessively can reduce the noise levels, thus allowing it to function properly.’

Regularly Clean The Fabric Softener Dispenser.

The fabric softener dispenser is also one component known to clog up with washed-up dirt and dust. To prevent this, clean it regularly using a damp cloth, toothbrush and warm water to remove all clogged particles. Also, clean existing holes that lead to the back-end dispenser housing.

Follow these DIY hacks whenever possible. And if a serious repair issue comes about, don’t hesitate in calling the experts.



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