Do Not Ignore These Safety Tips While Driving During Corona Pandemic


Life, before and after the Covid 19 Pandemic is not same anymore. As it is highly contagious and can bear the virus for the longest time up to 12 to 14 hours, no way it can be taken casually. World Health Organization suggested that the best way to cure this pandemic is stay at home as much as possible. It is for your family as well. But it is not possible to stay at home all the time. You cannot ignore the basic need of everyday like groceries, medicines that need to be purchased on time. Going out involves risk for our families as well as coronavirus is highly contagious.

But when you do not have any option left than going out for urgent cases, then you must follow these tips before you head out of your house next time.

1. New Arrangements for Your Car:

Sanitize your car’s interior, no matter how much time taking it is, or tiresome you must follow these steps to make your family. Disinfect with wipes and sprays, insect killers.

2. Hygiene is the Key to Fighting the Corona Virus:

Clean yourself as per global health regulation. They have made the sanitizer and mask compulsory for going out. Sanitizing your hand and bare parts is equally important before and after coming home.

3. You Can Control Your Stops:

It is inevitable to go out of your house for daily groceries and essential affairs. But try to control your stops while going out. The least number of people you meet, it is better for you. As it is highly contagious, the more you go to places, it can contaminate.

4. Use Hand Gloves:

Take right measure while going to fuel stops. As many use the fuel pump pipe, you must wear hand gloves to protect yourself.

Some of the professional driving schools in Liverpool discussed about declaration they made just after the outbreak of the Covid -19 pandemic. They are advising general people to take care of certain parts of cars specially and giving description on how to do it, such as:

  • Steering wheel carries high level of germs, sanitize them with wipes.
  • Interior door handles of the cars should be cleaned in a proper way.
  • Gearshift knob comes in contact with the body. Keep it clean.
  • Seatbelts are used by everyone. You never know who is affected, keep it clean.
  • Radio dials are open to germs. Wipes
  • Cup holders are used every time when you go out. Manage them with care.
  • The Dashboard is also bare part, do not ignore these.

These are some basic parts of cars which come to close contact with the outer world. It is your responsibility to clean those parts of the welfare of your family in this global crisis time.



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