Do You Need to Steam Clean Carpets Before Move Out?


When your lease tenure comes to an end, you become busy sorting and packing your belongings for your new accommodation. Amidst the chaos of vacating your property, one task you usually neglect doing is keeping your carpets clean. This is a task you should never overlook as landlords can withhold your bond or deduct a significant proportion of your hard-earned deposit money.

Is DIY Carpet Cleaning Effective?

For tenants who consider themselves to be cleaning, expert thinks that a quick run over of the vacuum cleaner is enough to impress the landlord and claim the carpet to be spotless clean. However, this doesn’t remove the hard stains, spills, grime, dirt or other debris that are trapped deep inside the carpet fibres over the years.

Therefore, the only way to get your carpet in a pristine clean state is to hire a reliable end of lease cleaning company in Bondi where the experts can restore the original glory of your carpet using specialised cleaning detergents.

What About Investing in Carpet Cleaning Equipment?

Most of the time, tenants invest in buying carpet cleaning machines instead of hiring professional bond cleaners thinking that it would save them a couple of bucks but end up doing more damage than good to the delicate carpet fibres. While this may be better than vacuum, it’s not sufficient to meet the cleaning standards most landlords look for.

How Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning Helps?

To achieve high-quality standard of professional carpet steam cleaning, all you need is to hire skilled, professional and trained bond cleaners where they ensure it meets the expectation of property agent and helps you get back bond without much struggle.

The benefit of hiring a pro is the skill-set and knowledge they possess to make your carpet spotless and the expertise they have in handling specialised cleaning equipment and tools required to tackle stubborn stains such as wine, make-up, vomit or dirt.

Final Take!

Lastly, if you need carpet steam cleaning for 100% stain removal, it’s important to place your trust on a professional end of lease cleaning services in Dee Why that has proper credentials. Choosing the cheapest deal can overburden your pocket with costly repairs or may demand a costly replacement. So think wise and act wise before you make a decision at the time of lease cleaning for 100% bond refund.



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