Does Your Fridge Need Repairs to Arrest Temperature Fluctuation?


Well, whether you need to summon a technician or not for repairing fluctuation of temperature, entirely depends upon the reason for which the temperature of your fridge is fluctuating. In general, the temperature of a refrigerator fluctuates for three reasons. Here is a quick look at them.

Frequent Opening of Door

Well, this is a very superficial and elementary reason behind the rapid fluctuation of your fridge temperature, and surely you do not need to summon a techie for that. All you need is to control the habit of opening the door a bit too frequently. Nevertheless, what actually happens, when you keep on opening and closing the door that frequently? Let us see.

The modern refrigerators come up with electronic temperature monitors, which have a rapid response mechanism embedded in them. The sensors pick up and display random jumps of the internal temperature, and help the cooling mechanism to function accordingly. However, when you keep on opening the door a bit too frequently that rise in temperature is frequently interrupted. This affects the cooling mechanism repeatedly, thus preventing the interior of the refrigerator from cooling up adequately.

One good way of getting rid of it is adding a thermal buffer to the probe, in the form of a small bottle full of glycol or a blockage made up of nylon. It will add a thermal mass that will dampen the response time of the system, and eliminate the temperature spikes caused by the repeated opening of the door.

These buffers also help the reported temperature to mimic or simulate the actual temperature of the refrigerator. This happens even if you have the best brands of the fridge at your home, including the ones from Maytag. In that case, you need to summon techies who are into Maytag fridge repairs on behalf of reputed fridge repairing company.

Compressor Cycling

The other reason behind the temperature fluctuation of the fridge is the normal cycling of the refrigerator compressor that is used to cool down the freezer. Again, here, the temperature that is displayed by the thermometer is compared to that reported by the electronic monitoring system of the fridge. The thermometer response time may mask the actual fluctuation of the temperature in the cabinet.  By keeping track of this temperature versus time fluctuation, it is possible to understand how the temperature fluctuates depending upon the compressor cycling.

Electrical Noise

The third the final cause behind temperature fluctuation is caused by the electrical noise of the monitoring system. This is often spotted from the temperature data, in the form of arbitrary fluctuations from the base temperature to a peak within a very short span of time.

The most common reason behind such temperature fluctuation or the electrical noise is the placement of the wires that emerge from the sensor. All these can only and only be taken care of by the professionals who do fridge repairs in Double Bay. However, if we are to get into more intricate technicalities of this chapter, we need to dedicate a separate page for that. We will discuss it in our next blog.



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