Don’t Commit These Mistakes When Painting Your Metal Roof


Were you aware that you can paint a metal roof? Well, if not, then it is one of the little known things about it.  But, when you seriously get down to it; there are so many potential mistakes that you can make.

Below explains some of those common mistakes which homeowners make when painting their metal roof!

Not Choosing An Energy-Efficient Paint: –

The thing about metal roofs is that they tend to heat up very quickly. That’s why it is always good to opt for a paint having an elastomeric coating. This coat protects against the sun, keeps the house relatively cooler and reduces your AC use during the day.

Also, make sure that you apply a thick elastomeric coat to protect your metal roof from leaks- come the rainy season!

Ignoring Proper Sealing: –

Many make this mistake when planning to paint their metal roof! Instead; you should consult with your painting contractor and add an extra layer of sealing protection to prevent peeling. These sealants consist of chemicals which bond with the paint and make it stay for years.

Inappropriately Preparing The Roof For A Fresh Lick Of Paint: –

If you have recently installed a metal roof, then wait for 6-8 months prior to painting. You also need to prepare the surface by pressure washing it to remove oil, mould, mildew and anything that exists on its surface. Furthermore; it also allows you to remove the existing paint and achieve a substrate to paint. This is an important step which many are guilty of skipping or not doing it properly.

Don’t make this mistake. Schedule an appointment with your trusted house painting specialist in Brisbane and ensure the roof surface is properly prepared prior to painting.

Wrong Application of Paint: –

Many make the mistake of either using too much paint or too little when working on their metal roof.  And that leads to peeling and many other issues with time and use. If you are DIY-ing, the best way is using an airless sprayer to paint the metal surface. You can also use brushes and rollers that are meant for metal painting.

However; for your peace of mind; the smart choice would be to hire professional painting contractors in your region and let them handle the painting operation. They will use the right painting approach and tools to deliver you quality results at the first go itself.

Using Old/Left Over Paint: –

You may have painted your shutters and doors to match the paint colour, and wish to paint your metal roof using the same colour. Well, in words of roof painting experts serving across Brisbane;

 “You should refrain from using leftover /old paint for your entire metal roof, firstly because there won’t be enough paint left, and secondly; it won’t be the suitable paint for a metallic roof surface.”

They further add: –

Opting for metal roofing paint which comes with fire-repelling characteristics to repel pests is a wise choice.”

Last Lines:

Try and avoid these mistakes and always take help from experienced painting contractors in the region to give you quality results. If you have a requirement, schedule an appointment with such notable painters whenever you see fit.



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