Don’t Ignore These 4 Common Circuit Breaker Signs


Be it flickering lights, a smoking scent coming from the electrical panel or poorly-performing appliance- each of them are common warning indications of a malfunctioned circuit breaker. 

You as a homeowner need to resolve these issues immediately (even replace the damaged circuit breaker, if needed) to avoid a potential disaster. Below explains 4 common circuit breaker signs to watch out for. Read carefully.

  • You Sense a Burning Smell Coming From the Circuit Breaker

If you come across a burning smell occurring from your home circuit breaker, then that is one clear indication that its wires or insulation has gotten excessively heated.  Left untreated, it could set off a short-circuit somewhere or worse cause an electrical fire. 

Whenever you notice a burning smell in the electrical panel, turn off the main power and summon an experienced electrician serving near you to resolve it quickly.

  • You Witness Scorch Marks around the Circuit Breaker

If you notice noticeable scorch marks or any kind of physical damage around the circuit breaker, or even around the outlets of other electrical appliance, then that is a clear indication that you need to get it serviced immediately. 

This results due to melting or failing or wires, and honestly speaking, they are one step away from setting off an electrical fire. Again unplug all electrical fixtures and call in a notable electrician to repair it.

  • Your Circuit Breaker Doesn’t Remain Set

Despite setting your circuit breaker; it refuses to stay intact for a long period. This isn’t supposed to happen in the first place unless your circuit breaker has failed and needs professional servicing.

 So, if you find your circuit breaker doesn’t remain intact, then call experienced electrical engineers in Sydney to diagnose it properly and prevent further damage to any electrical wiring.

  • You Find Your Circuit Breaker Frequently Tripping

Another noticeable sign of a faulty circuit breaker is it starts tripping every time you turn on an electrical appliance. Circuit breaker trips when it draws too much power and dealing with it can be very frustrating.

Look to resolve it with a professional electrician who will determine the actual cause of the issue and diagnose it correctly.

Final Lines

These are some common warning signs of a malfunctioned circuit breaker. Watch out for them and if found, get it fixed with a professional electrical contractor serving your region.

So schedule a meeting with respected electrical engineering consultants serving across in Sydney whenever you see fit. They are your best get to resolving the issue and preventing any major electrical fire outbreaks.



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