Don’t Let Water Leakage Ruin Your Home


Water is life! Without water, survival is beyond imagination. You will be surprised to know that trillions of gallons of water are lost on a yearly basis. That too due to leakage!

Higher the rate of leakage, higher will be loss of water. It is a stark reminder about being diligent regarding fixing of leaks at the earliest.

Bid Goodbye to Water Ingress

If your newly purchased house is suffering from ill effects of water ingress, then rise from your slumber. With new building inspections in Melbourne by expert hands, it will become easy to tackle leakage issues in a diligent manner.

A thorough inspection will be carried out to get to know the root cause of water leakage. With numerous procedures available, waterproofing has proved to be of great honor.


What is Waterproofing in Actual?

It is the procedure of applying paint that will act as a membrane. The membrane will serve as a layer to prevent further leakage of water. This procedure is applied mainly in the following areas:

  • Balcony
  • Washroom
  • Shower area

It is a great step as it will protect your sub-structure from early rot that is caused due to leak. On the basis of results based on waterproofing Inspections by qualified building inspectors in Melbourne, it will become easy to get wet areas waterproofed as per priority.

Spaces to Stress for Preventing Further Damage

Aren’t you aware of standards regarding waterproofing? Taking it for granted may result in costlier renovation in the future. The following spaces need to be given higher stress to prevent further damage to property:

  • Cornice
  • Plaster
  • Plumb wall
  • Frames of door and window

Brickwork along with external cladding must go through detailed inspection for ensuring quality. Climbing up on subfloor void to have a detailed check on plumbing services is a bit difficult.

Prevent Termite Attack Tactfully

Hiring a team of professionals to get the job of new home building inspection done will be a great idea. A thorough check will ensure the degree of damage that has been caused due to excess water if any.

Even a minor leak may cost you a fortune. Constant accumulation of water will result in excess moisture. High moisture serves to be a magnet for termite attack.

If you sleep now, then get ready to bear a pocket burning cost of home repair in the future. It is better to have an idea regarding building defect report cost and get the property inspected in the very first stage. Prevention is better than cure!

Water leakage is an important aspect that needs to be addressed at the earliest. Else, it may result in high-level destruction of your newly purchased home.



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