Drawing the Line of Distinction between Pre Purchase and Pre Sale Building Inspection


Property inspection holds huge meaning when it comes to investing or selling a suitable home or commercial establishment.  If you are willing to purchase a property make sure you learn about the subtle differences between pre-purchase building inspection and a pre-sale building inspection. While the former is aimed to benefit prospective buyers the latter is conducted before a particular property is given up for sale. In case of pre-sale building inspection the vendor has to bear the costs for preparing the report. Rarely, these reports are prepared by realty agents. Meanwhile the pre-purchase investigation is organised by a potential buyer before they settle for a buy.

What is a pre-purchase building inspection?

The inspection job is mainly taken up by an inspector. A prospective buyer mostly hires a professional before he agrees to invest in the property. Before proceeding towards a buy the buyer must essentially obtain a report revealing the credibility of the asset. Furthermore the purchaser can refer to the reports before they invest a substantial amount of money on the property. Although, seeking New House Inspection Perth may cost a purchaser a wholesome amount, on the other hand the buyer will at least not have to worry about being cheated by a dishonest seller. Pre-purchase inspection helps purchasers get an overall idea about the property and whether there are any hidden disputes which may later cause concerns. The inspector will work towards giving the purchaser a fair idea about the property he is going to buy. Furthermore, the report will contain all types of valuable information pertaining to the following:

  • Condition of the property
  • Deterioration if there is any

Upon evaluating the reports, the purchaser will decide whether or not he must invest in the property. Taking this information into account the purchaser may want to consider a renegotiation of the purchase value.

Pre-sale property inspection

The Pre Sale Building Inspection Perth is conducted in the best interest of a seller. The inspection conducted by a professional will help the seller get a fair idea on the condition of the property so that it becomes easier for them to ascertain the value of the building. It is often considered a suitable option for a vendor who wants to sell their property at the best price. Before putting up the property for sale, the vendor is able to ascertain the true value of the property so that they can charge a suitable price on the building. The process will also be helpful as the seller will not have to negotiate with the purchaser on the price he has fixed for the property.

Property inspections are of great value to both purchasers and sellers as they help both parties derive the best benefits for a fair price.



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