Driving in Dusk Till Dawn – Tips to Follow


Did you know that around 40%-50% of the road accidents occur during the night time? Most of the drivers, especially the new ones, lose their balance and control over their vehicle during the night time driving. You certainly don’t want to let the same thing happen to you as well. So, here are some of the tips you should be religiously following to make sure you don’t end up making any mistake, and that takes your life away.

  • Don’t Dazzle Others or Be Dazzled by Others’ Headlights

While driving during the night, you should always keep an eye on what others are doing if it is not the right method of driving they are following, you should not be following them as well. Remember that accidents often occur because of the mistakes made by others.

It may happen that someone else will throw a bright light on your eyes, and you will be dazzled and lose your control. The same thing can also occur if you dazzle the others with the bright headlight of your car. So, be aware in both the cases. As per the professional experts of driving school in Marrickville, you should maintain a proper speed (approx. 40-60 kmph) and keep your attention on the left-hand kerb of your car.

  • Make Sure the Windscreen is Not Dirty or Blurred

The windscreen of the car should not remain blurry or full of dirt under any condition. It is not only risky for you to have a clear vision regarding what’s happening in front of your eyes, but the dirty windscreen is more likely to get steamed up early. Make sure that you remain attentive to this situation and use the wiper whenever there is a need.

  • Don’t Drive at Night if you Have any Eye Disease

Checking your eye health is the most crucial factor you need to keep in mind while going for night time driving. If you have any hidden disease affecting your eye health such as glaucoma, you should certainly avoid the idea of nighttime driving too. Also, it is recommended by the experts of driving school in Richmond; if you are suffering from any sort of eye infection, you should never drive the car in the dark wearing dark or tinted glass.

  • Take Enough Breaks

To make sure that no unwanted accidents occur, you should start taking short but frequent breaks in between the driving. During night time, the frequency should be more, mainly when you are covering a long distance. It is recommended to take breaks in every 2 hours for keeping yourself awake and fresh.

So, are you ready for your next nighttime adventure? Keep these tips in mind and if you are someone who has recently got their license should be talking to the experts of driving school in Chatswood once and then make their mind accordingly.



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