Driving Lessons That Teach You To Navigate Roads When You Are In a Hurry


You are getting late, and hence you need to hurry to reach your destination. That means you need to shift gears. Well, this is the time, when people will be tempted to take to aggressive and reckless driving — something that can very well end them or those around their vehicles in the hospital, or who knows, in the……..!!!! Let’s not utter that dreaded word, but discuss things that will help you to reach your destination safely.

Any instructor from a quality driving school would train you to do so. Here is a quick look at things you need to do at these tense moments with the time running out, with you at the wheels.

Taking deep breaths

This is something that any seasoned trainer from a quality driving lessons in Caufield would tell you to do once you are caught in this fiasco. Taking deep, slow breathes would calm your mind and nerves as well.

Thus, if you are feeling tensed or you are aggressive from within, it will stop you from venting your frustration on the accelerator. Thus, by not driving aggressively, you can reduce the risk of your life and that of others around your vehicle as speed through!! Moreover, it will save you from tickets.

As you take deep breaths, roll down the windows after switching off the AC. Let fresh, raw air come in and get into your blood and brain. It will ease your thoughts a lot, calming you down.

Do not tailgate

No matter how little time you have in your hand, never tailgate…NEVER!!!! It will never get you nearer to your destination or make the drive faster for you. In fact, it is considered as one of the most dangerous habits that a driver can have.

It will heighten the probability of rear-ending another vehicle. Just imagine, what happens when the car ahead of you suddenly stops? You will hardly have any time or space to apply your brakes, and you will only trigger a chain of rear-end collisions, as you smash against the rear of the car ahead of you, and the one driving behind you will crash on your vehicle’s rear!!!

Do not speed up

Speeding up is another strict NO-NO in the world of driving, no matter how rushed you may be. No instructor of any driving school in St Kilda will give you that advice. This will cause a lot of issues. Firstly, it will provide you with lesser time and space to have control over your vehicle.

Moreover, there is an increased chance of skipping the signals and being stopped by the police. Besides costing you the ticket, it will make you further late.

Obey the lights

Obey the lights! Jumping them is not only unsafe and is offensive it is a selfish act as well. Traffic is basically a community phenomenon and in one way or the other, a type of social interaction. Hence, when you do not respect the designated traffic codes, you are offending the society and the social norms. Moreover, you are putting your and others’ lives at stake.

Just cut out the distractions and stick to the basics, without panicking. It will help. These are the tips that the mentors of quality driving schools would teach.



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