Easy-to-Go Hacks to Eliminate Carpet Dents Once and For All


Do you have the habit of rearranging furniture quite often? Then it’s no surprise to come across carpet indentations at some point of time. The pressure exerted from bulk furniture leads to the formation of deep carpet dents which not only looks unsightly but threatens the health of your costly masterpiece. The small divots which are formed by the constant pressure may seem irreversible, but with a few easy-to-go hacks, you can eliminate carpet indentations once and for all.

Check out what all you need to do!

  • Apply Ice Cubes:- Ice cubes work like wonders to eliminate carpet indentations. Experts offering best carpet cleaning in Brisbane recommend freezing a tray of ice before proceeding with the task. Place ice cubes directly on the carpet imprints and rub them gently over the divots. Allow ice cubes to sit and melt for a few hours for treating the deeper dents. Once water penetrates down the carpet padding, it will make the fabrics fluffier and match up the height of the surrounding areas.
  • Blow-Dry Your Carpet:- Just as a blow-dryer adds volume to your hair, it can do the same thing to your carpet too. Blow drying carpet indentations can restore the original bounce of your carpet and eradicate dents for good. If you want to regain the mushy and fluffier feel, ask the experts offering carpet cleaning services in Brisbane to get hold of a blow dryer, fill up a spray bottle and drizzle sufficient water on the affected areas to saturate carpet fabrics.
  • Apply Damp Towel:- For smaller dents, you can easily remove them by using ice cubes, but what about the deeper dents? Apply a moist towel over the dent, heat up your iron to a medium temperature and keep pressing it over the towel. The heat will cause the fibre to spring up gradually. You can leave the half-dry towel on the carpet imprints and remove when it gets completely dried up. Lastly, vacuum the dents so that the fibres regain their original height.

How Can Professional Carpet Cleaning Help?

If you lack confidence in trying the above solutions and don’t want to risk it by doing it yourself, you are free to book cleaning service in Brisbane, where the professional carpet cleaners can remove deep indentations like a breeze. They follow unique cleaning methods and use specialised tools to eliminate carpet dents permanently. The unique treatment can restore your soiled carpet and remove pesky imprints once and for all.



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