Effective Hacks To Prevent Stinky Refrigerator Odour:- A User’s Guide!

  • How often have you been assaulted by a stinky smell or an obnoxious waft of stale refrigerated air?
  • More specifically; are you forced to hold your nose as you take our meals and even search for the source of the stench?

Truth be told, if this is the story of your life, then you need to take preventative measures to ensure they don’t happen again.

In words of experts offering fridge repairs in Sydney CBD

“Often your refrigerator stinks due to leftover food lurking at the back of the unit or its corners. And because they have been allowed to stay there for a while; the stink remains even after those rotted mould-festering food remnants are tossed aside.”

But, nothing to worry. Here are some effective hacks to vanquish that stale odour from your refrigerator.

  • Deodorise Using Baking Soda & Ground Coffee.

To remove the stale stink from your refrigerator; you can look to deodorise it using baking soda. You don’t have to do anything, other than leaving the box open inside the unit, for hours.

For best results, leave it for 1 day. This eliminate the bad smell inside.

Alternatively; you can also leave a plate of fresh ground coffee inside the fridge for 24-hours, at the max. However; don’t look to throw them away the next morning (as you should with the baking soda pack). Instead; add it to the soil and use it as plant fertiliser.

  • “Clean Up Thoroughly By Removing Everything From The Doors, Shelves & Drawers.”

This is a standard method to remove fridge odour. Switch off the appliance, remove everything from the unit- even the stored food in the freezer, and then perform the cleaning.

Submerge each of those removable shelves and drawers in warm soapy water and let it stay there for a while. As for those fixed parts, look to wipe it using a clean cloth soaked in vinegar and soapy water.

  • Look To Leave A Few Cotton Balls Soaked In Vanilla Extract For A Few Hours.

This is a very popular DIY hack to reduce stale odour from your refrigerator.

Alternatively; you can also slice up an orange and put it in an open bowl in the refrigerator for a few hours. This will allow the citrusy aroma to overpower the stale stench inside .

Also, To Keep Stinky Stenches At Bay:-

  • Ensure your food is properly stored.
  • Allow proper air circulation.
  • And, set your refrigerator at the right temperature.

However, bad smell in your refrigerator may also result due to water leakage, or due to some malfunction.

If despite all these hacks the smell still exists, then the smart move would be to contact reputed experts who specialise in a wide variety of fridge repairs in Liverpool to check it out. Having dealt with so many different units, they will sort out the issue professionally.



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