Eliminating Blind Spots Of Your Security Cameras – Some Tips


So you are not going to lose you zeds anymore now that you have installed security cameras at your home. That’s an excellent move after all, and you can even choop off without being worried about what’s going on back home. You can also have an eye on your property remotely.

However, have you ever thought about those blind spots that might result from the lacklustre installation of these cams? Probably not! Well, that is something you MUST take into consideration, for this is one tiny loophole that can invite a disaster. Crims and burglars with a sizeable experience under their belt can very well make the most the blind spots.

That, after all, is indeed not music in your ears! So you need to take care of the issue and reduce and if possible eliminate these blind spots. Be a little smarter to do so!

Take a hard look at the layout of your property

Review the plan of your home, and mark the ideal locations where you can set each security camera at your Wollongong home. Take into account the distance and range each of them will cover, and the dimension thereof. This will help you ascertain the zoom of each camera, thereby reducing the blind spot by a considerable extent.

Consult the experts of the best security company to get a notion about the type of lens that you need to keep the issue of blind spots at bay. Here you need to depend only and only on the experienced experts from reputed companies.

Take still photos of the area to be kept under surveillance 

Take multiple still photos of the area that you wish to bring under surveillance. This will give you a field view of the entire area, and will also help you choose the appropriate angles that you need to set for each security camera at your Shellharbour property. It will also assist you to gauge the type of lens and the zoom you need.

Light up the area under surveillance

This is another very effective way of negating the effect of blind spots. In fact, you need additional lighting in the area covered by every camera to make sure that no space is left dark or left beyond the range of the lens.

Therefore, negating the blind spots or eliminating them is not rocket science. Just a rational approach will save you from this blue!



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