End of Lease Cleaning- 6 Activities that Ensure Full Refund of your Deposits


With a majority of the people relocating or migrating to different places for livelihood, people are shelling their houses on rent. The landlords are renting their house on the terms of the end of lease cleaning. The person who is seeking rent has to deposit a sum of a security deposit to compensate in case of bad conduct or credit like causing damage to the property or littering around. If the proper care is not taken in regards to cleaning the mess when you leave, the entire deposit becomes a history.

The present-day trend is all about hiring the professionals to do the end of lease cleaning apart from packing and removing. The professionals take into consideration the following factors or the activities to make sure that you get the entire sum of the deposit from the landlord-

  • A thorough Inspection Before the Lease Period Starts

It is the job of every tenant to make a note of the condition of the house at the time of entering or leasing. If necessary, notify the landlord about the spots and the damages. Also, keep proof of the blemish and the dent in the form of photographs so that if ever the landlord questions you, you can present it as the proof.

  • Cleaning of the Carpet or the Rugs

Before moving out of the accommodation, it is essential to make sure that whatever the items of luxury have been provided are according to the terms and condition. Therefore, the contract might demand several cleaning services in Wollongong to make sure that the deposit is obtained without any penalties. One might have to undertake steam cleaning of the carpet as a part of the agreement.

  • Fumigate the Place of Stay

Some of the contracts include flea treatment while moving out of the property. Therefore, the person living in the particular property has to seek help from the professionals to have pest control and flea treatment before moving out.

  • Look out for the Spots or Smudge on Walls

No one would ever want that their part of the deposit is curtailed only because of the smudge or spots on the walls or ceiling. Therefore, the end of lease clean in Wollongong includes rendering a property that has almost a crystal clear surface before moving out.

  • Clean the Living Rooms and the Basement

Ensuring that the living rooms and the basements are smudge free is one of the important things included in the agreement of end of lease cleaning. Therefore, the tenants need to make sure that they hire the best professionals to carry out the cleaning of the basement and the living room to provide a smudge free surface.

  • Disposing the Waste Materials

While relocating, there are possibilities that a large number of waste materials in the form of cartons, unused papers, plastic and other household items get accumulated. Therefore, ensuring that these waste materials are appropriately disposed at a proper place leaving the place to live a clean and hygienic is the duty of the tenant as well as the professional lease cleaners.


In order to get the full deposit back, it is essential to hand over the property in precisely the same condition as the landowner handed it to you. Therefore, the above checklist of the activities needs to be reviewed to ensure the money payback is obtained.

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