Ensure your CCTV Cams Function Properly Even During Winter by Following these Tactics


All stays well if kept in maintained and good condition. If you are aware of the change of seasons, then you must also reach out to your CCTVs that are essentially damaged due to extremes of temperature, be it rain, hail or snow! These surveillance cameras carry out the crucial task of guarding your premises and keeping you safe.

The components of the CCTV itself might be subject to freezing in the extremes of temperature thus inviting dangers at your premises! First of all you must use a good quality camera and make CCTV Installation in Sydney via reputed and certified companies.

The following points are crucial which help to adopt tactics to render the CCTV functional even during winter:

  • Opt for the high IP ratings. You might have an IP system so double check it. IP ratings can be customized depending upon the weather conditions such as the exposure to dust or immersion in water due to rains. Your CCTV camera must possess an IP66 to be able to withstand the harsh weather conditions like huge snowfall and even sleet. The enclosures must be checked on a regular basis. The inside of the camera might turn to frost due to humidity followed by condensation! If the camera area is prone to getting wet, then you can opt for marine coating or create a shade above it.
  • Always look up to the CCTVs that are temperature tolerant and can adjust to the ever changing weather conditions. All you need is to double check the temperature rating when picking cameras, this will be sufficient to ensure that your camera will function even in harsh conditions. You need to be aware of the storage and operating temperature of the CCTV camera.
  • The camera also has other components which might fail and lead to a damaged CCTV. Low temperature considerably affects electronics. Hardware may get damaged due to the thickening of the lubricants! However there is little risk when it comes to NVRs and LCD monitors as they must be kept in a temperature controlled environment. You can store these devices in a car or any vehicle to keep them below freezing temperature.

Hope the above tactics will come handy and will not let your investment go in vain even during winter! CCTV cameras work best in guarding and searching for culprits in case of intruders and robberies. Get hold of the Best CCTV Camera for Home from Sydney based companies, especially the ones that are accredited and follow all standard norms to ensure maximum safety!



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