Entice Your Taste Buds with a Timeless Mushroom Recipe


Are you a vegetarian? Want to entice your taste buds with an exclusive melt in your forthcoming birthday? It is time to give a trial to a delicious mouth-watering recipe of mushroom masala.

Mushroom Masala – Enticing Taste Buds

A birthday party means something special. Isn’t it? After you are done with preparing the list of your invitees, the next step is to select a tasty and delicious recipe. People looking for a simple but tasty North Indian cuisine in Geylang may opt for mushroom masala.

It will be the best fit for both vegans and non-vegans. Some people consider mushrooms as a non-vegetarian dish as they belong to the fungus family. But it is a vegetarian recipe full of protein content. This exclusively prepared curry recipe is an amazing option that will win the hearts of foodies.

Spiced lightly with spices in a creamy melt, it is a perfect matching dish to be served with meat as well as with a vegetarian feast. The restaurant-style preparation will be free from nuts and tastes exclusively delicious with rice, roti, and chapatti.

Exclusive Ingredients Used for Preparation 

Ingredients along with spices that are tweaked to come up with a tasty and delicious mushroom masala recipe include onion, tomatoes, minced ginger, garlic, and green chillis. The mixture is ground to form a paste to prepare the curry. Afterward, it is sauteed with tomato puree and mildly spiced aromatic spices.

The most commonly used spices include cloves along with black pepper and cinnamon. Every ingredient combines to form a flavoured vegan and gluten-free meal. After you are done with going through the North Indian cuisine menu, you can easily place the order online. High advancement in technology has made lives more comfortable.

The exclusively meant mushroom masala apart from making great leftovers will be a good pack in your lunch as well.

Get Mesmerized with an Extraordinary Delicacy

It is easy to add this exclusively prepared vegetarian cuisine to the repertoire of your forthcoming birthday party. Mesmerize your guests with Punjabi cuisine delivery in Kallangthrough a few clicks. Get to enjoy the most desirable Indian food from the nearest supermarket.

Mushrooms do a great job by serving to be the toast of your dinner table. If combined with vegan raita and pistachios, it will be a fantastic dinner session. Adding chickpea to the recipe will give an additional hit of protein to this exclusively prepared delicacy.

Mushroom masala will be the right pick to entice taste buds of your friends on the eve of your birthday party. Along with being a highly tasty delicacy, it is known to comprise high protein content.



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