Essential Requisites to Get Your Work Visa Permit in Sydney Easily


work permit visa

Australia is a place of great work opportunities, along with a quality lifestyle. The high employment rate, incredible scenic beauty, and other attractive features of Australia, especially Sydney, is alluring to many individuals across the world, it influences them to work and settle there permanently.

Do You Need A Work Permit Visa For Doing A Job In Sydney?

If you are planning to work in Sydney or any other part of Australia, then you will need to apply for the right kind of work visa in Sydney. The work permit visas are mainly divided into two categories:

  • Skilled Migration Visa

This category of visa is for skilled foreign workers who can match the required criteria of the Australian labour market.

  • Nominated Work Visa

This kind of visa is of people who can match the criteria given below:

  1. A well-known Australian Employer
  2. A Territory or State Authority
  3. A government organization of a State Authority

Requirements To Fulfil For Working In Sydney

Well, to work in Australia you need to fulfil the requirements depending on the type of Visa you are applying for. However, few general requirements are applicable for all type of visa, which is given below:

  • You need to provide proof of your efficiency in the English Language through IELTS score.
  • Your skilled occupation should match your nominated occupation
  • You should be skilled and experienced in the nominated occupation
  • With an assessing recognised authority in Australia, your skills need to be assessed
  • You need to meet the health and character criteria
  • You need to meet all the other requirements depending on the type of visa you have applied for.

What Is The Procedure Of Applying For A Work Visa In Australia?

You can apply for a work permit visa as per the following procedure:

Skilled Visa

If you want to apply for Skilled Visa Australia, then you need to submit the online Expression of Interest (EOI) based on the selection of your skill. The Skill select is the online system that receives and processes applications of skilled migration in Australia. You will receive points on your skill select based on the personal details like age, education, skills and language proficiency.

Sponsored Visa

To apply for this type of visa, you need to be sponsored by a business owner in Australia. You will be able to submit the sponsored work permit visa application after your employer has applied to nominate or sponsor you.

Cost Of Australian Work Visa

The cost of Australian work permit visa depends on the type of work visa you have applied for. However, the fees of work visa might change over time. Hence, stay notified about the prices.

How Long Is The Process?

It depends upon other factors such as time required for the verification, any additional requirements by the office, documentations, and others. It normally takes 6 to 12 months for processing your work permit visa in Sydney.

Hence, these were working in Australia requirements. If you have plans to settle down in Sydney, then getting a work permit visa is necessary.



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