Essential Tips to Make Your Wedding Photo Booth Work Brilliantly


Installing a photo booth at a wedding can add an element of incredible entertainment to it. The guests and the family and friends of the bride and the groom can enjoy themselves at the photo booth and capture the best moments of the event to share them on social media later. However, there are certain things that help the experience become more effective while installing a photo booth at the wedding.

In the following lines, we will have a look at a few essential tips that will help the enjoyment of the photo booth to increase. So if you are planning to install a photo booth at the next wedding event, don’t forget to read this blog till the end to make the experience a lot better and impactful.

Install light modifiers

The light in the photo booth can be a little inadequate at times in terms of capturing quality photos. Installing light modifiers can help you get the desired effects that you want to use while taking the photos and ensure that the people attending the wedding can have great fun at the wedding photo booth in Melbourne.

Lights at the right height

It is very important to install the lights inside a photo booth at the right height. This is essential to help the people using the photo booth have a great experience and capture perfect pictures to be shared later on the various social media platforms. You can use a flash pole to increase the impact of the light to a great extent with respect to this.

Creating the right angle

Lights installed at the right angle can make the photos look livelier in an instant. While installing a photo booth, make sure that you have the lights installed at the right angles inside the booth. This enables the people using the photo booth to have a good experience while clicking the photos and accomplishes the purpose of hiring a photo booth for affordable wedding photography in Melbourne.

Modelling lamp

A modelling lamp remains on inside the photo booth all the time. This is most effective at venues which are a little on the darker side. It is very important that you install a modelling lamp at the wedding photo booth in Melbourne where there is a scarcity of natural light to make the pictures look clear when they are clicked.


The presence of the right accessories inside a photo booth can be a photographer’s delight. Things like retro themed radio sets, globes and small lights can make the ambience inside the photo booth very engaging and make the photos look invariably better in appearance after they are clicked.



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