Ever Thought About Punching Steel Fence Posts? If Not, Here’s Its Account



Steel Posts

Punching steel posts or fences is one of the fundamental techniques that are followed to give these metal bodies customised shapes so that they can be used in various types of industries. Now this entire process of punching steel posts or similar metal bodies is a pretty cumbersome process, which involves multiple specialised techniques.

The process that is followed in metal punching

Modern techniques of metal punching are generally carried out with the use of heavy machinery. These machines help to create indents and holes on the metal surface. The principle that is followed is pretty simple though :

  • The steel fence that is being punched is placed between a die and the punch
  • Now the punch is moved downward into the die. As a result of this, the metal fence that is placed under the punch is sheared away from the materials that encompass the spot.
  • The cut metals thus formed due to punching, accumulate in a container and they are either recycled or are used subsequently for other purposes.  
  • This step is repeated twice or thrice until the desired shape is obtained.

Another specific technique, which is used for achieving the custom shapes of the holes, thus punched is called, ‘nibbling’. In this process, a series of tiny holes are punched in simultaneously, to make sure the steel fence posts of Brisbane that are subjected to such punching can be customised to fulfil the desired requirements.

Factors That Affect The Punching Quality

The quality of punching is affected and determined by the following critical factors:

  • The shape and size of the die as well as that of the punch press
  • The extent of force that is exerted
  • The condition of the punch press and the die. Punching tools are just only useful for a specific number of ‘strokes’, after which, they become too much worn out to make any clean and substantially penetrative punches.
  • The type of the metal to be punched and its thickness

What makes punching so effective a process?

Punching steel posts and sheet metals is regarded as the cheapest method for drilling holes of a definite size and shape for medium to large scale production.

When a specifically shaped and designed punch is used for creating multiple usable parts from steel posts in Brisbane, that process is called blanking, though that does not fall under the scope of our discussion here.

So the moral of the story is that punching is an essential aspect when it comes to customising metal bodies like steel posts and other metal sheets. The mechanism enables various industries to utilise these metal bodies for industry-specific purposes.



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