Excess Water Pooling at the Back of the Fridge? Know the Reasons Behind


The frequent opening and closing of fridge doors or faulty defrosting mechanism cause the water pooling. However, most fridges are designed to deal with a small amount of condensation by draining it out through the fridge cavity. However, if the water buildup is more than the usual, there are a number of possibilities which can happen –

1. Drainage Problem: The first thing you have to check for is the drainage hole at the back of the fridge. According to the design of the fridge, the condensation can drain through this hole into a small pan that is fixed just on the top of the compressor. The heat generated by the compressor evaporates water.

However, it could be a problem when the drain gets blocked. Fridge repair professionals in Liverpool use the pipe cleaner to remove the blockage in the safest way possible.

2. Ice Buildup: The faulty defrosting system causes excess ice buildup, which can cause the overfilling of the water pan. It prevents air from moving around, and keep the fridge frost-free.

Even, the ice buildup can stop the water from draining out from the fridge. You can fix it by turning off the fridge for de-icing.

3. Condensation Problem: Whenever you open up the fridge, warm air gets inside and form the water droplets to appear at the back of the fridge wall. So, when it comes to fixing this issue, here are a few things you must to do to keep condensation at a minimum-

  • Make sure the food is at room temperature, before putting them into the fridge.
  • Without proper levelling, the water won’t flow through the drain correctly. Ask the fridge repair professional in West Hoxton to raise the front floor screws a couple of turns to change the level of your fridge.
  • The door should be closed properly, and the rubber gasket should create a complete seal. Test the efficiency of the door by closing it on a sheet of paper. If you can pull it out without any problem, it indicates the seal is too loose and needs replacement.

Now you know the possible reasons of water pooling in the bottom shelf of the fridge. So, if you can’t fix these issues on your own, call a professional without investing more time in procrastinating.



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