Experts’ Suggested Tips to Restore Your Wooden Deck

  • Have you been guilty of neglecting your wooden deck for a long time?
  • Are you noticing signs of peeling or dull grey marks appearing on its surface?

If so, then it is time to correct that and take the necessary steps to transform your dull and drab looking deck into an entertaining and vibrant area of your property.

  • Start By Thoroughly Examining Your Wooden Deck Surface

The 1st and foremost step to restoring your deck’s appearance is cleaning it properly and removing the existing debris and dust using either a broom or a power blower. Also look for signs of a split, severely cupped or rotting wooden deck boards. Furthermore, if you find that existing deck boards need replacing, get them replaced prior to the deck finish.

  • Use An Oxygen-based Wood Cleaner to Remove Transparent/Semi-transparent Wood Stains

If you notice any clear transparent or semi-transparent wood stains on the deck surface, then you should look to light clean it using an oxygen-based wood cleaner. They work best in eliminating mildew stains and ultra-violet bleaching from the wooden deck. These cleaners or brighteners are also effective in cleaning the existing dirt, debris and other deposits on your wooden deck.

  • Also, Perform a Comprehensive Power Wash

You can also perform a thorough power wash to strip away the loose paint etched to the surface. However, this depends on the condition of the deck surface and only if it requires deeper cleaning.

You can perform low pressure cleaning with a fan tip and pressure of approximately 500psi-600psi for cedar, pine or other softwood decks.  As for harder deck surfaces, you should not perform pressure cleaning any more than between 1200-1500psi.

  • After The Deck Dries Off Look to Sand Its Surface Properly

After you’ve power washed your deck surface, allow time for it to dry off as the wood fibres rise when they expand with water. However, they will continue to remain risen which may lead to splinters. To avoid this, you need to sand your wooden deck surface prior to staining or finishing it.

  • Aptly Selecting the Deck Stain and Finish

Once the cleaning and sanding are done and your deck is ready to get a protective coating, you can use a quality oil-based strong penetrating semi-transparent stain. However, before you apply; be sure to check the actual colour of the stain.

Also, do ensure the sealer/stain is water repellent and refrain from using products which come with clear finishes like varnish or polyurethane. They have a higher possibility of deteriorating beneath the sun’s UV rays.

Consult With Notable Deck Specialists If You Need Professional Assistance

If you don’t find the time to look after your wooden deck, then fret not. There is always the option of appointing top-rated deck restoration experts in Perth to do it on your behalf. 

So look for ‘notable deck specialists near me’ and schedule a visit whenever you see fit.



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