Exterior Residential Painter- Painting Hacks you should Know



Are you bored of seeing dull and boring walls all over the house exterior? Planning to give them a makeover? Well what is better than exterior house painting! It is budget friendly and transforms the dull exterior by giving it a wonderful appeal. Exterior painting, if done in the perfect manner, is sure to uplift the aesthetic appeal of your premises. 

Ingenious Painting hacks you should follow:

  • Keep the Brushes Neat and Clean:

Unlike the exterior painting company, you must keep the brushes neat and clean. Never make the mistake of using the same brush in different paint cans! However it is not possible to buy new brushes each time you paint so why not use an effective paint brush cleaning hack? You can use vinegar solution to effectively clean the brushes. Vinegar does a wonderful job in breaking off paint from the bristles of the paint brush thus making it fairly clean and fresh. 

  • Use Spray Paint Technique:

In case you do not want to use rollers or brushes then spray can comes to your rescue! The renowned residential painter in Melbourne seamlessly uses such cans to paint in a marvellous manner. If you fail to find the right coloured spray can then you can convert your acrylic paint into spray paint. Buy a little kit that turns acrylic into aerosol for you to use anytime you want.

  • Avoid Paint from Cracking:

Before you hire any exterior painting company for your help make sure to give this hack a try! If you are worried about keeping the gorgeous paint from chipping and cracking then vinegar comes to your rescue! Brush the surface with vinegar prior to painting as this will help to keep the paint fresh for years to come.

  • Do Not Waste your Expensive Paint:

There is no point in buying cheap paints as they will chip and bubble out in no time. Use the rubber band hack to prevent your paint from dripping all over. Place a rubber band upside down and wipe the brush each time you dip it into the container!

When it comes to painting your house then you must not take any second chances. If you are not confident enough to undertake the painting job by yourself then do not hesitate to summon the professional exterior house painters for this task. With their team of well trained painters they are sure to undertake your exterior house painting with full zeal and vigour.



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