External Wall Cladding – Some Points To Consider Before Planning



Opting for the right kind of external wall cladding is no doubt a difficult task. You have so many options that you can opt from.


However, when it comes to taking into consideration those options, you need to consider quite a few factors like durability and maintenance, price, insulation, warranty and the ease at which it can be installed, how easily it can be cleaned, and so many other factors.


Discussing the different types of wall cladding, it can be tiles, stones, stucco, PVC, brick, wood, glass, fiber boards, metals and so on.


Here are some of the points that you need to consider before opting for a definite type of cladding of the external walls.




A quality cladding should be adequately good to protect the external wall from various onslaughts by nature. It should be strong enough to protect the wall from extreme conditions like scorching heat for a prolonged period, incessant rains, and hails and storms, moisture and dirt, erosion and salinity, in case there is a seashore in close proximity, and the likes.




This is undoubtedly an added quality that cladding of external walls needs to have. External Wall Cladding in Oran Park should provide extra insulation to the walls, and thereby to the interiors of rooms. This helps to reduce the power bills, as it helps the interior of the house to maintain a moderate temperature, in spite of any extreme climatic condition that is prevailing outside.


The Price:


Doing a cost-benefit analysis is important. The price needs to be pretty reasonable, though that should not affect the quality of aesthetics and protection. So options that are low cost with multiple features, and some captivating colours or textures always enjoy the favour of the market.


The quality:


Quality is a MUST when it comes to external cladding. A choice must have everything to do with the quality. It should be such that it lasts for long and does not depreciate too fast.


The Finishing:


Some of the customers are very much particular about the quality of finishing of the external cladding. While timber is the best for offering a classy and sleek look and feel, its price, as well as the maintenance cost, are surely two significant deterrents. Thus, other textures that offer quality finishing are of more popular.


Hassle-free installation


This is another critical point that needs to be considered. Various sizes of sidings and sheets are preferred, and that is the reason, the lightweight cladding is a hit amongst the customers.


So these are some of the qualities that people need to consider before they opt for an external wall cladding.


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