Eyelash Extensions for Sensitive Eyes: Things You Need to Know


A large section of women are there in Australia who always prefer to stay away from having eyelash extensions treatments because of the sensitivity of their eyes. The saddest part is, most of the time they do not get a satisfying answer to their question– “is it possible to get lash extensions for those who have sensitive eyes?”  This article is going to help you out in this. Go through the following and find out relevant facts on this matter.

How to Know that You Have Sensitive Eyes

People having sensitive eyes are prone to irritation even if their eyes are exposed to normal water. Also, not all types of beauty products such as cleansers, mascara, are suitable for their eyes. Coming to the part of eyelash extensions, they can have it depending on the level of their sensitivity. Opting for the salons offering the best eyelash extensions in Brisbane can help you to get lash extension compatible for the sensitive eyes.

Go through the following and learn about the common problems that women with sensitive eyes often have to face. It will let you understand whether you will be having any issue or not in the case you have the same problem of eye sensitivity.

You Don’t Like Anything near Eyes Because Of Sensitivity

Sensitive eyes are prone to irritation, and they evidently do not like any eye makeup product around the corners of their eyes. People who have sensitive eyes should tell the lash experts at the time of your appointment booking, so that they can put special attention to reduce your irritation during the process.

People with sensitive eyes should follow these steps while booking an appointment:

  • Find a salon that are backed by trained professional experts.
  • Find a salon with a good air conditioning system so that the fume of the glue go away from the eyes soon, and does not cause any irritation
  • Talk about you sensitivity issues and the problematic areas before
  • Ask the professionals to use special adhesieve especially meant for the sensitive eyes

You are Allergic to Glue

Glue is a must have item for eyelash extension needs. However, those who feel a certain level of  itching, swelling, itching, or burning sensation with glue, they must tell the professionals before having the treatment.

Since they have the experience and training from the best available salons for eyelash extensions in Brisbane Southside, the experts go for a patch test before using the glue on the eyelashes. They apply a few drops of glue to the arms to see the reaction of the skin. According to the technicians, if someone passes the patch test, it is guaranteed that she won’t have a problem.


Women with sensitive, coming to the beauty salons for this treatment, is not something uncommon.  The professionals always assure that sensitivity in eyes should never be an obstacle for having the beautiful experience of lash extension.  Also, a little research about the standard salon of the country will tell the truth that they have all the arrangement to handle such special cases.



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