Fab Ways to Decorate Around Your Bathtub


Want to turn your bathroom into your favourable retreat spot?

If so then look to adopt these smart hacks to decorate around your classic bathtub and achieve a harmonious bathroom décor. Follow closely!

  • Add A Little Bit of Greenery with Bathroom Plants

First things first, add a bit of greenery into your bathroom space by using quality bathroom plants. Some of the popular choices include as follows – Spider Plant, Bamboo, Orchid, Aloe Vera, Peace Lily, Snake Plant, Boston Fern, Cast Iron Plant, etc.

You can add these vibrant foliage plants in neutral containers around the tub area to add a bit of drama and appreciative aesthetics.

  • Keep a Small Tray as a Decorative Accessory for Your Tub

Look to keep a small-sized tray around your bathtub containing soap and other elements that you can use each time you look to soak yourself. Ensure the tray is narrow, long and easily attachable to the tub on both sides. You can use it to keep soaps, bath bombs sponges, scented candles, wine glass and other decorative accessories.

If you like the idea, then you should opt for trays made of mood. It creates a soothing atmosphere and also serves the dual purpose of aesthetics and functionality.

  • Exhibit Your Elixirs, Lotions & Potions in Glass Jars

Why need a bathtub if not for the sheer purpose of indulging?

Keeping true to this, create a more relaxing bathtub space by showing off your collection of elixirs, bath salts, lotions and other beauty accessories. You can choose an appropriate spot (be near the basin/bathroom mirror or a nearby stand) and store them inside glass jars to create a more indulgent look of your tub space.

  • Adding a Thematic Screen around the Tub Space

There is no rule which states that you cannot have a thematic screen around the bathtub. In fact, they prove very useful in preventing the flow of water on to the bathroom floor, thus proving a much better option to those annoying showering curtains.

These thematic screens come in transparent tempered glass and prove very easy to clean. What’s more; you can even slide them easily to get to your tub.

Surmising –

Whenever you plan to decorate your bathtub area; allow your creativity to express itself. Taking cues from the above options, you can cleverly use all of them to achieve a harmonious bathroom space.

However, if you find that your old bathtub needs to be replaced, you can always look at notable suppliers offering quality acrylic yet cheap priced bath for sale in Perth.  And once you’ve installed a new bathtub, you can complement it using these fab décor ideas.



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