Factors to Take Into Consideration While Conducting Commercial Roof Painting


The weather never remains the same. As the weather changes with seasons, we need to prepare our homes and commercial establishments with proper upgrades to ensure that weather elements don’t affect our properties. One of the most elementary foundational structures of a property, the roof requires being set up properly in order to withstand the test of time. Other than pillars, it’s the roof which makes a home or a commercial establishment inhabitable or usable.

For a commercial property it’s essential to pay attention towards roof maintenance. One of the easiest ways to ensure that the roof stays strong and remains aesthetically pleasing is to get it painted. A fresh coating of paint can work wonders for a commercial building. Are you thinking of giving the roof a perfect makeover? Here, take these considerations in mind:

Type of Roofing

Not all roofing structures are the same. Some are made of aluminium and metal while others are crafted from asphalt shingles, slate, wood, glazed/unglazed tiles, composite pieces, grits and concrete blocks. Other than metal, roofing materials like shingles, slate or concrete blocks can be easily painted to perfection.


Whether the roof’s substrate material is suitable to absorb paint is a big factor. Only experts providing roof painting services in Brisbane can help determine whether the roofing structure can be painted or not. Some considerations include:

Roof Type: As mentioned the type of commercial roofing is a key determinant which dictates whether it can be painted or not. Also, the substrate material determines the kind of paint which will best suited for the purpose.

Clean-up the Surface: a clean roof is also a chief determinant. Before a specialist from a painting company in Brisbane start working, they will firstly ensure that the surface is cleaned. In order to do this they will bring equipment or devices based on whether the commercial structure is raised under a tree or whether the surrounding is polluted.

Substrate Condition: When there is a surface damage, the condition of the substrate should be evaluated or repaired if required, before starting off with the paint job. Sometimes, a replacement can seem more of a viable option.

Pre-existing Layers: Most of the times, commercial roofs are painted in order to last long. If there have been multiple coatings, the professional should firstly take off these layers before adding a new layer.

Also, before proceeding with the project, a professional must consider the quality of paint which they will be using.



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