Few Common Reasons Why People Fail In The Practical Driving Test


Whether you are a beginner know a bit of driving, enroling yourself at a driving school ensure you pass it with minimum hassle and fuss. Besides learning the driving and preparing yourself for the test to achieve the licence, there are few fundamental things to remember that cause failure in driving test.

  • Bad observation

Crickey mate! You often have heard such complement for drivers. Well, a good observer, already decides what he’ll do next before reaching the end of the road. If it is an open junction and you can if there any traffic coming from both directions. So, before you drive out, make sure you can look at both at the right, left and right again.

  • Failing to see the approaching traffic while reverse parking

There are a number of people robotically pass the blind spots by just moving their head. And they think this is what examiners watch. Well, in actually, they want to see whether you’re fully aware of the things around you. You can find such a situation while swinging out into the road and driving towards the kerb. According to instructors from driving schools in Berwick, proper observation of mirror images is necessary. Look for the areas you can’t see in the mirrors, i.e., watching the other drivers who are approaching towards you.

  • Improper utilisation of mirrors

This could be the disaster at times. For example, you want to drive out from the back of the parked bus, without checking the mirror door. As soon as you move out, a motorcyclist passes you on your right side. This is a blinder fault, due to which the passing vehicles like bikes can skid.

  • Lack of accuracy or control

While driving out, many candidates fail to see the traffic approaching them. Sometimes they swing the car obstructing the traffic and even hitting the kerb is also quite common. Hence it’s necessary to go slow sometimes with accurate control.

  • It is too late or too early steering handling

Good-o! It is necessary to find when you’re going to handle sharp corners. It is a good practice to use pull-push of steering technique, which can reduce the chances of losing control.

Lastly, instructors from driving schools in Carrum Downs suggests remaining at a speed that allows you to judge the situation effectively. Neither flat out nor too slow. Well, this is not true that if you drive slow, you will pass the test. Rather, driving consistently under the speed limit is as dangerous as speeding.



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