Find The Dos And Dont’S To Follow While Taking Off Stubborn Mascara


Are you getting trouble to remove your mascara? When it is not impossible to get the black the goop safely off from your face, some quality makeup removers can save your day from making a lot of effort.

Just like me, there is a number of women who feel it annoying to take off the mascara. As soon as you rub and wipe, you will get to see how the makeup stuff is coming off. There is nothing to surprise that few of us go to sleep without removing the mascara.

Well, you must know that mascaras are incredibly annoying to remove. Mascara is an emulsion of water, pigments, oils and waxes that can be taken off using for reusable makeup remover. However, choosing the right cleaners and removal techniques can ease the mascara removal process. Here are a few does and dont’s while taking off the mascara:


Cotton pads are must: The cotton pads are lint-free and don’t get shredded. With a soft and high-quality fabric, it doesn’t cause any harm to your skin while wiping away the mascara.

Press the pad to soak the remover: The solvents must dissolve the pigments and polymers to break down the mascara. So, upon dabbing the remover pad against the eyes for 30 secs let you avoid the aggressive rubbing and pulling on the lashes later on.

Wipe the makeup in the direction of lashes: Buy makeup remover pad in Brisbane and work from the inside out to lessen the chances of bacteria and mascara from getting trapped in the lashes. Gently grab the lashes with a cotton pad and roll the cotton between your fingers to minimise the rubbing.


Using the cotton balls: According to the experts, any loose fibres can get into your eyes and. Hence, cotton balls are better for applying toners and astringents for removing mascara.

Using fragrance of alcohol-based products: Such a solution can be delicate to your eyes, leading to be moisture-challenged eyelids with a lot of irritation.

Applying cleaners in horizontal or circular direction: It causes nothing but moving the mascara while wiping. Instead of the cleansing, it will create a mess that will lead you to apply cleanser later for proper removal.

Lastly, as soon as you’re done with cleansing, use moisturizer. As the make removers breakdown the protective barrier, not addressing the skin after removing the mascara can lead your eyes to irritation and dryness further. So, don’t forget to apply a little bit of moisturiser on the upper lid and under the eyes.

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