“Fridge Not Cooling But Freezer is COLD” – Why Does This Happen?


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Some issues can be ignored. Unfortunately; your refrigerator going warm is not one of them!In fact, there is nothing that spells doom for your fridge- when it is slightly cooler than the room temperature. That brings to the important question.

“Do you see your reliable refrigerator not cooling but its freezer still cranking cold?” If so, then this post will discuss what you need to do to fix it.

Here’s What You Should Look To Do

  • First and foremost- you should check the control unit of your refrigerator- specifically its temperature controls. This may sound easy-peasy, but there is every possibility that those controls may have accidentally been turned down by mistake. 

You need to fix this by setting the correct temperature. To test it, fill a water bottle (room temperature) inside and check after some time. If the water gets cold as before, then the issue is sorted. 

  • But, if the issue remains, then another possibility could be the unit’s fan. It may not be drawing enough freezer air into your refrigerator. And to fix this; you can check for any possible obstructions or leftovers which could be blocking the cold air to circulate freely throughout the unit.
  • Still, if you see no difference in its cooling, then you should check the defrost drain line for any kind of obstructions. The defrost drain line is where all the water gets drained during the defrost stage. So, when you defrost your refrigerator the next time, do check that pipe. 

If the need arises, take everything out of the unit and unplug it. If you find any accumulated ice- you can use a hairdryer to melt out that chunk that’s causing the issue.

Go For Professional Fridge Repairs

If none of these proves to be the real cause of the problem, then the last possibility could be a malfunctioned refrigerator control circuit board. For that; you need to contact reliable fridge repair technicians to check it out.  

If there is a severe issue with your unit’s performance, these experts will come to know via their pre-repair inspection. And after isolating the issue, they will fix it using appropriate tools and their wealth of field knowledge. If replacements are needed, these specialists will do the deed using quality spare parts having 12-months warranty.So, if you are struggling to comes to terms with your refrigerator’s cooling issue, find a trustworthy company offering fridge repairs in Baulkham Hills and Mosman at cost-effective rates.



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