Fridge Seal: Know the Ways to Mend It


Your fridge is a kitchen component that works day and night in order to serve you the desired purpose. So in case of any malfunction, you will get into serious trouble! In case your fridge is not cooling properly then you must check the underlying issues behind this. If there is any problem related to the fridge seal, then you must immediately get it fixed or do it yourself.

This blog offers you ample advice in this regards:

  • Step 1:

All you need to repair your fridge with is a 5cm strip of waxed paper, a small tube of silicone sealant and a sharp knife. At first you will have to ensure that the damaged seal is clean, dry and free from grease. You must retain as much of the old seal and the internal magnetic strip. If you don’t know, the magnetic strip is usually a brown flexible strip that remains hidden within the circumference of the seal which acts to pull the face of the seal onto the metal casing of the cabinet.

  • Step 2:

Now you will have to apply an even layer of the silicone sealant as claimed by many fridge repairs experts in Abbotsford. This sealant is applied to the damaged area in order to ensure that it penetrates any gaps or cavities in the seal. Next, you will have to carefully cover the silicone with the strip of the waxed paper so as to allow it to overlap the undamaged section of the seal.  Do trim the edges of the paper so that it can be folded to conform to the original shape of the seal.

  • Step 3:

Now once you see that the sealant and paper are in the correct position, carefully close the door as this will trap the paper between the seal and the metal body of the fridge. Leave this undisturbed for at least 8 hours in order to allow the sealant to set. Once you are fully satisfied that the sealant has dried then gently remove the waxed paper in order to expose what should be a new section of the seal.

So if you are in need of fridge repairs in Abbotsford then you must get in touch with fridge repair experts. Make sure to follow the three important considerations: firstly look for a reliable and licensed expert. Secondly, you must reach out to the ones who have the expertise and lastly hire the ones that are reputed and come within your budget!



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