Functionalities of Pet – Friendly Alarm Systems – How They Work?


“One of the most prominent reasons behind false alarms, more so in households, is pet movement.”

Pets are never friends of security alarm systems — to start with. They are always at daggers drawn and the statement mentioned at the start of this page justifies that fact in a no-nonsense way. It’s a fact and a conclusion drawn by the experts after a prolonged fact-finding.

However, the eternal irony is that both pets (not every pet of course — you cannot expect your pet chameleon to alert you of an impending intrusion), as well as the security systems, are crucial assets of households from the security point of view. Both of them act as a strong deterrent to break-ins.

So what’s the solution?

Simple — getting a pet-friendly alarm system! These highly sensitive alarm systems are accurate enough not to set off false alarms that are triggered off by the movement of pets. To be frank, all the high tech alarm systems in Perth are pet-friendly these days. You just have to get them from a quality company that is well-reputed and well experienced.

How do these systems work?

To make sure that they detect the right kind of unusual movement in, or in the proximity of the property they are calibrated in a definite way so that they ignore particular shapes and sizes of bodies that are showing signs of movements.

Besides, it is also made sure that they can detect only bodies above a certain height. This makes sure that the family dog can move underneath that calibrated height, under the motion sensors without being picked up by them. However, this does not apply for the animals that can scale heights (cats and chameleons) or birds that might fly.

Most of the alarms these days come up with dual or active technology, in which two separate sensors are set off before the alarm sets off. This allows precise detection of the pets. These alarms are particularly beneficial for those households with multiple pets of various sizes, shapes and behavioral activities.

Pet-Friendly PIR Motion Detectors

The interference of pets with alarm systems is not a recent phenomenon. There are several devices, which are designed to negate it. However, the most common and effective of them is Passive Infrared Detectors (PIRs).

These pet-friendly security camera in Perth are the most effective when it comes to distinguishing between genuine intruders and other harmless movements. These devices function by combining a Charge Couple Device (CCD), which detects the infrared, and a high-tech lens, which translates that detected images into ‘cold’ and ‘hot’ areas. The heat that these areas generate is then accessed with respect to the overall temperature of the room. Any difference between the two readings, resulting from the intruders’ excess body heat will set the alarm off, alerting the household.



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