Get Prepared For Your Next Backpacking in South America


So, you are heading towards South America, right? Well, it is no doubt a vast continent and ultimate destination for backpackers. Be it exploring the adventure or unfolding great food, culture, sports, passion, lifestyle, all you can explore by having a right approach of travelling South America alone. But, where should you start from?

People who are visiting South America for the first time think it quite a big and vacation-type trip. Well, instead of covering the whole continent in a journey, cover small parts of South America that could easily be explored. Apart from the place to cover, decide the necessary items to prepare for the journey. Here are some backpacking tips for first-time travellers to South America.

Travel by Bus

travel by bus

Travelling to different cities across South America by bus would no doubt be a great decision. In case you head for typical backpacker circuit, you may have to go for few overnight bus rides. With bus transport, you can spend a good amount of time while gazing outside at beautiful sceneries.

Set your Smartphone aside and enjoy the culture, communities and landscape there. If it is abroad you’re visiting, your phone will be locked by the local network operator. Hence either by unlocking it or purchasing a local sim card, you can keep communicating with people.

Keep the Check on What You Eat

keep check on what you eat

The food in South America is no doubt delicious, but your waistline has to compromise. As Brazil, Chilli and Argentina are some expensive places, whereas Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador are some affordable places for the 3-course meal.

Opt For Pick-Pocket Proof Clothing

opt for pick pocket proof clothing

For backpackers, the bus journeys in South America are mostly long that people often fall asleep. As theft and pick-pocketing are a bit common there, instead of worrying about the loss of your belongings, wear pick-pocket proof clothing. Such garments help you to keep valuables inside your clothing, without letting anyone know what you are wearing. However, it would be better if you prepare for problems by purchasing travel insurance.

Interact With the People Around

interact with people

Like other countries in the world, South America has a unique culture that would be worth exploring. By interacting with locals, you can know about your whereabouts a better. Local transports are the better way to have the conversation with locals and know about their culture, apart from local people, you can visit few sites online to have a rough idea of a place you are roaming.

Know the Exchange Rate

know the exchange rate

In South America, the exchange rates vary from country-to-country. Whereas places like Peru and Bolivia give travellers the option to stretch their dollar, it would be quite expensive when you go to Chile, Brazil or Argentina. So, if you are on a tight budget, take a look beforehand to know which cities are affordable.

Check the Weather Before You Visit a Place

check the weather

The first thing most people check is the weather of a city before having a trip in South America. For example, in a place like Argentina, you can roam wearing tank tops and shorts, but places like Bariloche require warm clothes to wear.

Lastly, don’t forget to try local specialities, while on South America tours and adventures. Different cities in a country have its own specialities. For example, Argentine meat empanadas are delicious, but the ingredients may vary from city to city. To experience unique culinary experience, look for a fine-dine in local homes.



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