Going for Outdoor Training? Beware of These Mistakes!



More and more people are taking to outdoor training for the best results – and other obvious reasons. One of the main reasons behind people’s new found love for outdoor training is that it always yields better results than the indoor workouts within the confinement of the gyms. However, to ensure that this yields the best results you are to make sure you do not commit the following mistakes.

Not Warming up Adequately Before the Workout


When you workout in the open, you do not get the typical warm up and those stretching equipment that are available in the modern gyms. Hence, you need to find out suitable substitute ways to warm yourself up.

Unfortunately, many do not pay heed to it and just get on with the workout straightaway, and that results in muscular injuries. Hence, not indulging in adequate arming out prior to an outdoor workout is a grave mistake.

Not Varying the Workouts


Repetitive exercises, or in other words, repeating the same workouts during the outdoor sessions is a big mistake. Repeating workouts is a pretty easy job. Things like walking and jogging, jumping biking, and the common weight workouts can be pretty easy, more so when you become habituated with them.

However, the point is that it will not provide you with the desired holistic results. Due to lack of a wide variety of tools and instruments that you find in a gym or private training studio in West Ryde, carrying out the same workouts means the same muscles are being subjected to stress and strain repeatedly, This may ultimately lead to injury.

That is the reason, varying the workouts at regular intervals is always a safer option when working out outdoor.

Not Consuming Enough Water


When you are not working out in the controlled atmosphere of a gym, and you are out there under the open sky, you are exposed to all the heat and humidity. Coupled with all the rigour of the workout, it will absorb all the water constituents substantially.

Hence, not drinking enough water before, during and after the outdoor training in West Ryde parks will result in dehydration. This is extremely dangerous as it will result in serious injury in muscles and tissues.

Not using the sunscreen


Exposure to simmering heat and sunlight for a prolonged period can result in sunburns and allergies. Hence, it is always important to use sunscreens which come in the form of gels, creams and lotions.

Other mistakes may include skipping the post-workout meals and snacks, working out in too much of heat and humidity, not wearing appropriate apparels for the workout, not using eye protecting glasses, and of course not paying much heed to the surroundings.



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