Guidelines to Minimise Risks During Building Maintenance Tasks


When building maintenance becomes mandatory the custodial staff is subject to face several types of challenges starting from chemical exposures to navigating through recently mopped floors. Whenever it comes to building maintenance professionals encounter an array of risks which can also be addressed. Have a look:

Trip and fall/slips 

Slips or trips and fall are most common on wet flooring. Furthermore lack of signage and increased amount of floor debris can also lead to such accidents. Here is how to minimise the hazards with proper building maintenance in Karratha

  • Cleaning up spillage immediately after the incident.
  • Keeping work areas as clean and dry as possible.
  • Ensuring that employees must wear anti-slip footwear.
  • Marking newly mopped or waxed floors by installing warning signs.
  • Keeping electrical wires out of the way.
  • Ensuring that walkways like hallways, aisles and stairways remain cleared of any obstruction.
  • Using ladders appropriately.
  • Ensuring that floor coverings are in great condition.
  • Keeping an eye on painters in Karratha to make sure that the professionals clean up spills.
  • Using tool belts for painters and roofers to climb the ladder.
  • Regularly inspecting interior as well as exterior walkways. Repairing areas which have cracked or got damaged with time.
  • Developing a proper action plan to address snow related problems at entrance or sidewalks.

Strain and sprain

At times workers require carrying heavy equipment. However, using proper equipment handling machineries can help minimise risks of injury and illness. Following are ways with which workers can prevent spraining and straining:

  • Conducting training sessions so that employees can learn the appropriate mechanisms for lifting, pushing, lowering and carrying loads.
  • Asking employees to make use of different types of material handling machineries like lift trucks, chair movers, dollies and desk movers.
  • Including job safety as part of measurable objectives which every employee needs paying attention to.
  • Identifying the risks involved in jobs which demand bending and twisting of body parts and lifting or carrying heavy items.

Repetitive motion 

When it comes to building maintenance concerning painting, roofing or other maintenance jobs, the company must ensure safety of professionals. Some professionals like those participating in roofing jobs in Karratha need to indulge into repetitive motions which lead to specific injuries stemming from constant standing, kneeling and sitting. Sometimes awkward positions during a job can lead to major injuries. Hence it is vital for contractors to rotate job roles.

Inhalation or skin contact 

Risks pertaining to inhalation of chemicals during a paint job or any other maintenance job may result in severe injuries or infections. Hence proper training should be offered to workers to make sure they seek precautionary steps while mixing various incompatible chemicals or hazardous gas. Educating workers about use of wrong chemicals and PPE kits, communicating workers on warnings as labelled by the manufacturers are some vital ways to ensure they do not get injured or sick when dealing with harmful chemicals or gas.

These are safety guidelines building maintenance companies should brief their employees on. They guarantee in minimising work related risks.



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