Health Guidelines That Cab Hire Service Drivers Are Maintaining During the Pandemic


With the COVID 19 virus, triggering off in a worldwide pandemic, most nations all over the world has gone into nationwide lockdown. Australia is no exception. However, taxi drivers, who are still offering services in emergency cases, are following certain guidelines, issued by the health department.

They keep a close eye on the passengers to see if they have any symptoms like:

  • Running Nose
  • Cough

If so, they are told to ask the passenger whether they have sore throat, headache, or fever and a general feeling of unwellness.

They keep themselves as well as their passengers protected

To keep themselves as well as their passengers protected, Frankston Cab Service drivers come up with quite some measures.

  • They keep on sanitizing their hands periodically and whenever and wherever possible, they thoroughly wash their hands with soap for at least 30 seconds. When using sanitizers, they use the ones that come up with a minimum of 60 percent alcohol.
  • They have been told not to touch eyes, mouth or nose with unwashed and unsanitized hands
  • They keep a safe distance from people.
  • They would avoid handling money as much as possible and would wear disposable gloves while collecting money from the passengers. If not, immediately after handling money, they would use hand sanitizers thoroughly.

They would disinfect the car regularly

They would disinfect and clean their car as often as possible, more so, after they drop passengers who appear to be sick or when they carry out any medical trip on emergency. They would pay special attention to the upholstery and the seat that have come in direct contact with the passenger.

What They Do In Case They Have to Ferry Passengers to Health Clinics

Once the drivers of the Rowville cab service providers ferry any passenger to the health clinic, they are taking the following precautions:

  • They are using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including disposable gloves and high-quality face masks. They would dispose of them as soon as the trip is over.
  • In case they have to help out the passenger physically to get in and out of the car, they would dispose of the PPE and sanitize themselves as well as the entire car effectively before resuming the service.

In fact, every reputed cab hire companies in Frankston come up with a wide range of supportive steps for their drivers to make sure they remain safe and healthy and can help you stay the same as well.



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