Hiring a DJ for your wedding? A few Music Mistakes To Avoid


The music is definitely one of the aspects to look after when it is a big day for you. And, surely you don’t need any mess. Hence, I thought of writing this content that let you spare making some mistakes. Whereas the DJ can bring the difference between the fun at a wedding, you have to have to be cautious while arranging an unbeatable music checklist.

Not investing time in a good research:

This should be the first thing you should come with while narrowing down some options with a bigger budget. When you want to play dozens of songs with a tighter budget, Perth DJs for Hire can be a perfect choice.

Setting the party mood with silence:

Most guests reach the ceremony 20-30 minutes before the start. However, the wait may feel longer being silent. Hence, ask the musician or DJ not to delay more than 20 minutes before you begin.

Having music before or during the ceremony will give guests the signal that it’s the time to grab the seat and enjoy the celebration.

Make the officiant feel offended with ceremony music:

Are you getting married in a place of worship? Whether it is a church or any other religious institutions, It could affect your choice of ceremony music. There are some places with regulations, where secular songs are prohibited. Hence, don’t forget to talk to the officiant before hiring a musician or DJ.

Inadequate sound check:

Based on the venue selection, you will get the limitations against the power supply, sound amplification, restriction during the certain span in a day. Hence, it is better to ask your venue manager about the type of music they allow you to play and what will go best according to your chosen space. However, you can call the hired wedding DJ from Perth to walk-through and understand what can go best with the music situations based on a proper sound check.

Waiting until the d-day to meet the DJ in Person:

It is quite important to know how music will sound in real life, rather than the recorded one. Why don’t you take a live performance? Checking the music list like this is a whole lot of fun when you take your fiance with you. When you will be there for finalising, pay attention to the tunes and the band or DJ, whether that can take the random requests.

Apart from these few, not conveying your must-to-play songs, no audibility to each other, sticking to one genre or choosing fast-to-dance song are some blunders you should avoid.

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