How Auto Detailers Clean Windscreens Without Inflicting a Scratch?


Certainly, household cleaners that you use for washing glasses will not be the right choice to clean a car’s windscreen. Things are different when it comes to washing the glass of the windscreen. That is the reason, intervention of a professional car detailing service provider is so necessary.

What difference do they make?

In most of the cases, these professionals use cleaners that do not contain alcohol and ammonia. Using cleaning agents that are rich in alcohol and ammonia can cause dehydration, and can cause cracks and even dislocation of the glass.

To clean the windscreen, the car detailing experts would use microfibre towels, and they use the same material to take care of the rest of the vehicle. They would NEVER EVER use a paper towel, as it will only enhance the risk of scratches on the windscreen’s surface.

These microfibre towels are made up of extremely soft and tender materials. The electrostatic charge that these towels generate helps thorough removal of dust and dirt particulates from the surface of the windscreen, instead of just displacing and spreading them around on the glass.

When it comes to getting rid of gummy residues, in most case, they use grease removers or mineral spirits.

How do they follow up?

Subsequently, professionals who offer car detailing services of Jandakot would use fresh, separate towels for applying and removing traces of cleaning products, and then quarter the towel for applying pressure while removing the dirt. They would use straight up and down motions, instead of circular motions, using multiple, fresh towels to make sure the cleaning is comprehensive and perfect.

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The ancillary services

Another advantage of bestowing the responsibility to a professional car detailing service provider is that the professionals also clean up the windows at the driver’s side, as well as those at the passenger side windows. They also take on the dirt of the mirrors and the rear windscreen.

Taking care of the water spots

Taking care of the dry spots of water on the windscreen is the most frustrating chapter of cleaning a car. In most cases, the professional auto detailers in Perth use special tools or specially designed brushes and cleaning agents for removing them.

Hence, you see, these professionals have an answer to every aspect of car detailing, making these companies an automatic choice when it comes to cleaning your car. However, for the best results, always vouch for the best in the business.



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