How Automatic Driving Lessons Develop Your Perception and Control


You may not agree with me as a beginner driver, but driving lessons can be super fun. However, you may have to learn road signs and rules, get comfortable behind your wheel and have a sharp presence of mind. Do all these things worry you? Do not fret, because there are as many as 500 driving schools recognized by the Australian government, and I’m sure you’ll find your perfect match. But there is one question you should ask yourself and your instructor before taking up driving lessons.

The question: Manual or Automatic?

This is the million-dollar question: “Should I take up an automatic driving lesson or would a manual one suit me more?” Many novice drivers have asked this question, and the answer is often right in front of them. Manual driving lessons have their advantages, and many think till this date that learning manually makes for a better driver. However, for any developed country, manual transmissions are a thing of the past. On the other hand, the automatic transmission is gaining popularity day by day. It is because automatic is easy, secure and gives you more perception and control over your vehicle.

  • You need to press a switch to start up a car with automatic transmission, and the absence of gear gives you better control.
  • You don’t have to shuffle between the clutch and the gear shift at all times, which will make you focus more on the road.
  • The chance of the car being stalled is minimized to zero in case of automatic transmission. You can conquer the steep hilly roads as well as jam-packed city avenues with an automated vehicle because there will be no fear of the car getting stalled in the middle of traffic.
  • Automatic cars don’t need much as much coordination of the hand and eye as much as manually driven cars.
  • Automatic cars prevent your attention from being divided between the road and traffic hazards on the one hand and clutch and gear shifting on the other hand.
  • As there is no manual gear mechanism, you will not find it hard to stick to the right gear successfully.
  • The mantra of automatic driving is ‘safety first’. While it will not provide you with the most advanced driving techniques, it will make sure that you learn the most critical element of driving, i.e. safety. You can pay extra attention to the road which minimizes the chance of any fatal accident.
  • Automatic driving allows you to pay more attention to the way, and hazard identification is made easy.
  • As you won’t have to shift from gear to clutch to the steering wheel, you can keep both hands occupied at the steering wheel. According to the driving school in Bankstown, learners gain more confidence from the automatic driving experience.

There are many professional driving instructors of driving schools in Ryder having years of experience, and they are best suited to take care of your driving lesson. Don’t forget to communicate with your driving instructor during the lesson as you must get all the aspects of driving in your head. All the best, for the road, awaits.



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