How Can A Home Personal Trainer Help to Tone Your Gluteus?


If you want to maintain good health and keep your body in shape, you need to hit the gym regularly. Many people fuss over specific body features and toned gluteus are what fitness freaks crave for. However, not everyone is blessed with toned gluteus.

Are you one of them who want to give an attractive shape to your hips?

You may lack time to hit the gym before office or feel restless to do rigorous workouts after a hectic day. But you will not miss the regular workouts if you opt for home personal training in Ryde. The trainers can guide you at your convenient time and ensure you get stunning gluten that you can boast about.  So how do you get started? Well, you need to follow the instructions of your trainer carefully and it can make a difference within a month!

A Trainer can Suggest You the Food to Eat or Avoid While Toning your Buttocks

No amount of squats can tighten your glutes if you don’t follow a balanced diet to match up your efforts.  You might not have a sound knowledge of the nutritional contents that can give you the desired hips you crave for. That’s when the role of a personal trainer comes into the picture.

Your trainer will ask you to ditch the junk and spicy food at first. You must avoid chips, cakes, crackers or sugar items that can deter your hips toning process.  For a foodie, it’s going to be a bit difficult initially. Try to emphasize and celebrate the taste of vegetables and proteins that are essential for your gluteus toning.  Your trainer will give a diet chart suggesting a substantial amount of protein such as mixed beans and lentils, tofu, raw nuts and seeds, fresh sprouts, fresh seafood, grilled pork steak, egg whites, dairy products etc., for your daily diet. Moreover, healthy fats such as olive, cheese, turkey, and chicken in appropriate quantities should be there in your meal. Taking the right amount of protein can fuel up the thigh, hips and glute muscles and keep your metabolism revved up.

A Trainer Can Suggest you Advanced Exercises to Tone Your Glutens

We all know squats are great for buttocks or hips.  However, a professional trainer can suggest you some other exercise as well that can give you attractive glutens in a few weeks! Some of the effective ones include:

  • The 5 O’clock Lunge
  • Advanced Step Ups
  • Curtsy Kick
  • Sumo Squat

What is a Typical Fitness Boot Camp Workout?

Want to work out in groups? Well, you can ask your trainer to conduct a fitness boot camp which includes group physical training. The high-intensity workouts offered by the boot camp in West Ryde are designed to enhance your strength and fitness and keep your body in perfect shape. With a dedicated instructor and a group of friends all sweating together, it keeps you motivated till the last crunch.



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