How Can Wet-Area Upgrades Yield High-Value Results?


Amongst all other things that you consider in a bathroom remodel project, upgrading wet area is one of the noteworthy ones as it amplifies the overall outlook of your ensuite and adds value to your property. Wet area bears regular foot-traffic and degrades over time. Besides day-to-day use, wet area is constantly exposed to dirt and grease, which further makes it look unsightly and outdated.

Remodelling wet area of your bathroom can include many things-from walk-in shower installation, showerheads and enclosures, tile replacements, tub-to-shower conversion and bathtub replacements. This blog will take you to the inside of a wet area and explain the reasons why you need to upgrade it to get a high return on investment.

Why Should You Upgrade Your Wet Area?

While planning for modern bathroom renovations in Carindale, you need to pay attention to some specific hotspots of your ensuite. Wet area is one of the prime focal points that include fixtures directly exposed to water such as showers and bathtubs. Regular exposure to water makes wet area vulnerable to damage, leakage and mould growth. Upgrading your wet area with premium quality water-resistant materials such as acrylic, porcelain and stone can improve the functionality of your space and keep looking it new for decades.

Perks Of Remodelling the Wet Area of Your Ensuite

Remodelling wet area of your bathroom offers a plethora of benefits to your family members and also guests. For instance, opting for a walk-in shower installation during bathroom renovations in Capalaba can add drama to your space and make your bathroom way more accessible. For homeowners who have elderly members who fetch a risk of slipping off the ground, walk-in showers can offer safety, ease of access and minimise the risk of potential injuries.

Besides safety, if you want to enliven your bathroom decor keeping functionality style and elegance intact, upgrading wet area can be a wise decision.

Outdated and dirty bathrooms are always eyesores and can turn down your guests visiting your house for the first time. Moreover, formation of mould and mildews on tiled floors give rise to recurring health issues such as lung problems, respiratory troubles, allergies and asthma among kids, pets and children. With a quick and easy bathtub replacement or a shower enclosure installation, you can expect added luxury, improved functionality and increase in the overall value of your property.

So how are you planning your bathroom remodel? Post your queries and we “Bespoke Bathroom Co. Brisbane” will keep on sharing latest bathroom renovation ideas which can help you design your dream ensuite.

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