How Can You Choose a Freestanding Bath Even If in Small Bathroom?


Most homeowners have the misconception that freestanding baths are meant for ensuite bathrooms and cannot fit into cramped spaces. Well, this is definitely not true. You can choose from an array of options when it comes to installing freestanding baths and can easily accommodate it into your compact space, provided you select the right one. 


So if you are planning for a modern bathroom makeover and wondering how you can fit a freestanding bath, here’s this blog to help you out.  

Total Available Area

Before you invest your hard-earned money for installing freestanding baths in Perth, you must check the area of the bath to ensure it fits your compact space in the best possible way. So before looking at the options, take correct measurement of the space to avoid any damage to your treasured possession. Once you have finalised the measurements, it will be easier to determine the dimensions of your bath and select the one that fits your space requirements.

The Best Style to Choose

While the market is flooded with freestanding bath for sale in Perth of varied shapes, styles and sizes, some have been purposefully designed to fit into compact spaces. These styles include freestanding slipper bath that features added depth and has one end slightly higher than actual. This unique style of freestanding bath is meant to create additional support and is shorter in height than an average freestanding bath. The vertical inclination allows you to relax in the tub for a longer time without compromising on comfort and style. 

Other Options You Can Go For

Apart from slipper baths, you can also get single-ended freestanding bath installed right away in your small bathroom. Regular freestanding tubs, more of a contemporary style can also fit into your space as long as they satisfy the standard size requirements. There are a plethora of contemporary freestanding baths that are much smaller than average size and are often available in oval shapes to complement any bathroom design. Other than white, you can also opt for black as it has now emerged as a popular trend due to its elegant look and finish. 

In short, it’s absolutely possible to enjoy a relaxing shower in a freestanding bath even in a cramped bathroom if you meet these statutory requirements. Pamper yourself with a luxurious bathtub and enjoy a soothing bathing experience like never before!



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