How Different Joints, Blunts and Spliffs From Each Other


The simple rolling and smoking cannabis has countless benefits. It all depends on how you prefer to enjoy it. Well, there are 3 main types- joints, spliffs and blunts. So, read this content which can help you in making an informed decision about rolling your own cigarette. Each rolling method can give you a unique experience, subsequent high and aroma if used with any of the best rolling papers. Find the differences in rolling methods below-


This typically gives users the first time experience with cannabis. In a joint, the user has to use the smaller size rolling paper, which is filled with cannabis. Normally, the rolling papers are made of flax, rice, hemp and wood pulp and these all variations are unbleached. Such papers burn quite faster and make the users look for other options to enjoy flavour for their chosen cannabis longer.

Especially if you are not avid smoke and need more practice to ace the rolling skill, then uneven joints get burnt faster at one side of the joint. It happens when blunts are not packed tightly, and since the cannabis burns quicker, it makes the joint burn uneven.


Spliffs are comprised of a mix between cannabis and tobacco, and the ratio of the two can vary. It is especially helpful when it comes to achieving the desired high you want from cannabis smoking. While smoking, tobacco can give you a physical buzz, which is beneficial if you are going to enjoy weed throughout the day, without making you too lethargic. Same as the joints, spliffs are constructed using single paper, and the paper can be either long or short, and they are made of rice, flax, wood pulp and hemp.


Blunts are made using the hollowed-out cigars. They are often turn out to be sweet and tobacco-rich rolling papers of the cigar that can be unique and can add a varied taste to your smoking experience. To some smokers, it has completely ruined their taste, and to some, it’s a completely new flavour that added a completely unique aroma to their smoking experience. Tobacco papers that are being used for blunt making, and can be easily identified by their dark brown colour and large size.

Now you may ask which one is ideal for you? Well, different rolling methods result in different high, look out for options discussed above and find the one you liked most. Before shopping for rolling accessories, make sure you know the brand, reputation and the products that are high in quality. Customer reviews and their experiences may help you choose the best one.



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