How Do Fridge Repair Services Help to Fix Loose Door Handles?


The loosening of refrigerator door handles happens due to faulty installations. Opting for fridge repairing services will ensure to properly install the suitable kind of door handle for your fridge, which will keep them from getting loose repetitively.

Some models include two screws, one at a top and another at the bottom, whereas, the other models have only one screw at the top. It is essential to get the door handle for your refrigerator fixed in the right way or replaced with a suitable door handle. However, taking out time from your busy schedule and choosing the right type of door handle or fixing a loose door handle all by yourself might be a difficult task.

How will the loose door handles be fixed or replaced with a suitable door handle?

Here is how fridge repairing service will get the suitable door handle for your refrigerator…

Vertical handle with visible screws

When this type of door handle is loose, the fridge service professionals will detach the door by removing the screw(s) through Allen wrench. The highly skilled professionals will look for the damage in the locking system. If they find any issue in the screws, then they will ensure to install a better screw to the door and fix the problem. However, if they think that the door is not suitable for your refrigerator, then they will replace it with a better and appropriate handle for your refrigerator’s door.

Vertical handle with no visible screws

Opting for fridge repairs in Kingswood will help you to fix the loose door handle by inspecting the damage to the locking mechanism. If the door handle is damaged, it needs to be replaced. Moreover, they will position the handle back on the mounting studs placed on the refrigerator and push it down to lock the handle firmly into the right position.

Horizontal handle

Such handles are either preinstalled or can be detached if they have socket screws in them. However, if you find the horizontal handle of your refrigerator without a screw or it is loose, then you need to get it serviced as soon as possible. Hiring fridge repairs in Auburn will help to fix the problem by attaching a screw and an appropriate spring-loaded plastic which will solve the issue.

Hence, if you are confused on how to install door handles, hiring skilled professionals will enable you to get the loose door handle fixed properly or replace it with the right type of door handle for your fridge. Opting for a proficient fridge repairing service will help you to solve the problem of loose door handle for a longer time period.



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