How Does School Incursion Help in Spreading Anti-Bullying Message?


Schools are not only for education and knowledge development, but it is the perfect platform for student empowerment too. Over time, schools have encouraged activities that are beyond the standard study plans, and that has undoubtedly left a positive impact on the students.

What Do Incursions Do to the Students?

While excursions have offered students the benefit of going outside the school premises and explore something new that they have just studied in their classrooms, incursions have played a different role. The main reason for that is, apart from the science workshops, incursions have developed social skills, leadership abilities and team building spirit among students.

School Incursion Sunshine Coast

But, today, let’s talk about something more dangerous situation. It’s about bullying tendency among students inside the school premises that have posed a challenge. The activities of school incursion in Brisbane carried out by experienced professionals has left a positive impact against bullying among the students.

Why does Bullying Happen among Students?

Well, as a parent of the kid or the teachers, you have to understand the situation in a better way before blaming the other kids unnecessarily. Some of the main reasons for bullying, explained by experts are, jealousy, group dynamics, social tagging, unnecessary gossiping and of course the hormonal changes are some of the situations that trigger bullying. And, peer group pressure caused by the negative mindset of certain students (because of their personal experiences) also pull the unwanted students to this.

How Does School Incursions Help in this?

“It causes a stigma among the victims of bullying. After constant failed attempts of coping up with the situation, the victims struggle in silence. Gradually, they lose their social skills and makes a settlement with their fate on this.” explained by Mr Samuels, a high school teacher based in Brisbane.

The activities carried out by the specialists of school incursion in Sunshine Coast include different activities in their program with a group of students specific age group comprises –

  • Explaining what the wrong social group practices actually are to the students.
  • Describing the advantages of a group environment where everyone is safe, and everyone is taking responsibility for the others and helping themselves.
  • Explaining the best strategies and practices that can create a healthy peer culture among the students.
  • Empowering the students about how to strengthen their personality and be vocal about anything wrong happening inside school premises.

Final Words

So, these are some of the benefits that school incursions impart when it comes to establishing an anti-bullying environment. The students feel confident, empowered and positive about themselves when you leave the responsibility to the experienced professionals. Therefore, act before its too late and start your research.



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