How Instagram Printer Brings Social Exposure to Your Event


Hashtag printing for an event with a crowd can be a Kickstarter. The printer looks super cute. However, have you ever looked at your Instagram feed and thought of printing them all? None of us can deny that fact that printed images have a charm on its own. So, when Instagram get inspired by the polaroid photos of the past, the hashtag printing comes there.

Since we share everything digitally nowadays, social media sites have become easily accessible to get updates on what’s happening around. But, nothing can discard the charm of printed images. So, what about getting printed images and sharing them at the same time?

What is the Hashtag Printing?

Hashtag printing allows you to print photos directly from Instagram. All you need is a snap photo with photo booth rental in Sydney and upload it directly to the social media account with a custom hashtag. The software scans for the hashtags and prints images on the spot.

Difference Between Instant Film and Hashtag Printing:

Photographers have modern versions of cameras for the instant film; these cameras take digital photos and print them instantly. Only one photographer can work at a time for capturing and printing. On the other hand, the hashtag printer can print hundreds of images at once across various social media accounts. Hashtag printing can be paired with photobooth backdrop in Sydney.

How Does Hashtag Printing Work?

 Hashtag printing comprises of 2 things: A printer and a custom hashtag for an event. The hashtag you will choose needs to be unique for your event. Keep it short as well as relevant that your guests can easily remember, use to find and tag photos relating to your event. For the duration you will be hiring the printer, your guests can take photos, post them on Instagram tagging people and places with the hashtag. Printer software grabs the pictures and prints them in real-time. Basically, the software speaks to the printer, and the printer is connected to the Internet — the printer programme scans particular hashtag and pulls the relevant photos with the hashtag. Sometimes the printer station includes a big touchscreen, where the pictures will be shown in ever-updating grid or pictures in thumbnail to show you the photos already taken.

So, when you have hundreds of different photos taken by all your guests, an Instagram printer in Sydney brings digital and analogue sharing with the same pace. It will provide a way to give free thanks to the conference, event and sponsors by creating the favours.



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